Throwback Thursday: 2020 Museum of Ice Cream

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am starting a new Throwback Thursday series to write about memories from the past. ^-^ Let me know if you have any suggestions!

For this Throwback Thursday, I’m writing about my experience at the Museum of Ice Cream!

My friend Ariel took me to this interactive museum for my birthday. It’s such a cute spot to take lots of photos, and you can also learn about the history of ice cream while you go through the various rooms. Masks were required throughout the whole experience. The only time I took off my mask was when we got some ice cream to sample, and we went outside to eat the ice cream.

My favorite room was the one that looks like a NYC subway car! They also had animations in the windows and screens.

For my outfit, I wore an ice cream themed dress from BTSSB which I thought was very fitting for the Museum of Ice Cream! The whimsical and cute look went well with most of the rooms at this place.

This giant ice cream scoop is too cute!!

I really love this rainbow light-up hallway. It’s so fresh and pretty!

They also had a sports and playground themed room with ice-cream cone basketball, ping pong tables, swings, and more.

The final room was a swimming pool of sprinkles. This was such a cute idea! I highly recommend checking out the Museum of Ice Cream if you love ice cream, or if you want a cute place to take photos. It’s a great spot to check out if you’re visiting NYC!


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