LBC: Personal Lolita Goals For 2015


Personal Lolita Goals For 2015

  1. Join the Lolita Blog Carnival more often! I feel like I did not write that many posts this year because I’ve been so busy with academics.
  2. And this point relates to the previous one: Blog more on WordPress in general. I feel like my posts lately have only been either review posts or Lolita Blog Carnival posts. I hope I can blog more, without the need for prompts. Maybe I can write more about my personal thoughts or blog about events I attend! I also want to expand my reviews. Maybe I’ll review makeup products! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
  3. Take more photos of casual coordinates! I rarely take photos of my casual lolita coords. I want to show that I do wear lolita casually sometimes, and in these cases, I don’t wear makeup (or I just wear minimal makeup) and I don’t wear wigs. I don’t really style my hair, and honestly, I never did even when I had long hair. I have to admit: I’m lazy when it comes to my real hair! I usually wear a hair accessory when I wear casual lolita, even if it’s just a small bow or a cute barrette.
  4. Take some lolita fashion risks. I really want to try punk lolita, for example. I am scared to try, but I want to go ahead and do it at some point! I also want to take more lolita risks in styles I already wear. Maybe wear a winter scarf and winter gloves with a coordinate. Or layer on different sweaters for a Mori-inspired lolita look.
  5. Make videos for YouTube. I have a YouTube channel, but there are only two videos on there at the moment. And they are both a year old. …So I should really try to upload new videos. Maybe I can make a wardrobe video post? Or show off details from some favorite lolita pieces? We’ll see.


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Enter My First Giveaway: Cute Blippo Items


Enter my first giveaway!

Hi, everyone! I am co-hosting a giveaway with the awesome kawaii webstore Blippo. You can read my review of Blippo items here!

You can also enter my giveaway through my Facebook pages, Xiao Li-Li and Alice in Lolitaland. Just click on the “Giveaway” tab! You can earn multiple entries by liking Facebook pages and more!

Good luck, everyone. Feel free to ask me any questions!


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Blippo: Kawaii Items!

Blippo is a webstore full of super cute items! They sell adorable purses, kawaii accessories, cute Japanese stationery, candy, plushies, magazines, and more! Blippo sent me a mystery package to review, and the items inside the package were all pleasant surprises.

The package arrived in a sturdy cardboard box:


Look at that cute kitty and heart that Blippo drew! ❤ The package never got stuck in customs, yay!


The package had plenty of fillers inside to cushion and protect their products. Blippo sent me the following items:

1) Jewel Checkered Seal Phone Sticker

2) Kawaii Animals Ceramic Mug

3) Strawberry Hairpins


These are all new, unused items. The ceramic mug was wrapped in bubble wrap within its original box, so there were no damages at all. The mug I got was a cute piglet one!


I love how the ears are on the inside of the mug. It’s very unique and adorable, and of course, useful! Here are some more views of this kawaii mug:


Here is a closer-up photo for the strawberry hairpins:


The quality of all these items are great. I can’t wait to wear the cute Strawberry Hairpins and use the Mug for my tea on campus. You can see what the hairpins look like with flash and without flash in the comparison photo below:



To use the Jewel Checkered Seal Phone Sticker, you just cut the sheet into sections that you want to use. Clean the surface you want to place the stickers on, let the surface dry, and then you can stick the jewels on! Here is what I did with the sheet of stickers:



I kept most of the sticker sheet intact for the large chunk on the back of my phone case, and as for the sections I cut off, I placed two small squares on my phone and other small bits on my iPod case. The stickers also come in different colors (Clear, Blue, Pink, and Purple) on Blippo‘s website! They even have a huge Decoden section if you want to look for supplies to make cute decoden phone cases and other crafts.

I also have an upcoming surprise for you all… But I can’t tell you what it is yet. Maybe it will be revealed in my next blog post…? We’ll see! For now, please check out Blippo; they have so many cute things to offer!


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The Wonderful World of MBOK

You can find some great deals on Mbok! Mbok is a Japanese online auction site that has a wide variety of items. There are lots of great J-Fashion (including lolita!) items there: you can find dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, jewelry, hair accessories, bags, novelties, and more. If you are not a resident of Japan, you need to use a shopping service to bid on Mbok items. The shopping service I used is Japonica, but there are other shopping services out there.

Searching for specific items on Mbok can be time-consuming, since you have to scroll through different pages, but it is pretty easy to find good deals on brand (and offbrand) items.

I would recommend using the Google Translate extension if you have the Google Chrome web browser. If you do not have Chrome, copying and pasting the Mbok URL into Google Translate works too. Google Translate is not perfect, but it works well enough to help with Mbok navigation.

Check out Mbok’s Alternative/Punk section for lots of lolita items! This is where you will find Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, h.NAOTO, Emily Temple Cute, Jane Marple, and more. This section houses lolita, gothic, punk, and other alternative styles.

You can also search for items from a specific brand on Mbok by looking at the brand category. Here are some great links to lolita brand items on Mbok:

Innocent World

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Angelic Pretty



Here are links to some great brands that may carry loliable items on Mbok:

Axes Femme – This brand has great cutsews and cute blouses! There are some nice skirts, JSKs, and OPs too (but not all items will accommodate a petticoat). An Axes Femme item was one of my first Mbok purchases!

Liz Lisa – This is a popular Gyaru brand that has some loliable blouses, cardigans, and cutsews.

Tralala – I’m not too familiar with Tralala, but it is one of Liz Lisa’s sister brands. You may be able to find loliable stuff here too!

Jesus Diamante – I’m not too familiar with this brand either, but it’s a popular Hime Gyaru brand and I’ve seen lots of cute loliable coats from them! They also have really cute parkas/sweatshirts.

If you are interested in Gyaru fashion, check out the whole Mbok 109/GAL section. I have not extensively explored this section yet, but there are tons of brands and lots of cute and cool clothes!

If you want to use Mbok’s search feature, here are a few terms you can try:

ロリータ or ロリィタ-  Lolita

姫  –  Princess (Hime)

ワンピース – One Piece (OP)

福袋 – Lucky Pack (Fukubukuro)

Find many more helpful search terms from this EGL post by Kyomu.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! I am not an expert, but I can try my best to answer your questions. I hope someone finds this post helpful!

Have fun browsing and shopping~!

Christmas Eve: Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays (and have a great winter season) to those who do not~! I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but every year, I like to give out presents to family and friends during the months of December and January. (Although my grandparents and mother always complain when I give them presents… xD) I like showing my gratitude during the winter season by giving presents to people who mean something special to me. Even though I don’t really celebrate Christmas, I have always wanted to do something special on Christmas Eve when I was growing up. Perhaps it is because I grew up surrounded by people who went on vacations during Winter Break, or did fun things with family and/or friends on Christmas Eve, and for me, Christmas Eve just seemed like a normal day at home.

This winter break, a college friend and I are house-sitting for a friend of the college. So this is my first winter break away from home… that, in itself, is quite exciting! The place I am house-sitting has a Christmas tree. We water the tree everyday, and I love seeing the tree. When it’s dark, I like to turn on the Christmas lights. The ornaments and lights are so pretty together…


I brought some lolita things with me to wear, but I know I won’t be able to wear them much. After all, lolita clothes are not the best things to wear when you are caring for chickens and other animals. I wouldn’t want to stain my skirts or JSKs!

However, I had the chance to pretty myself up and go out in lolita! Yesterday, my friend Terry (who I call my lolita big sister) came to pick me up for some winter festivities.

We took lots of selcas~

We began by going to an exhibit called Walking in a Winter Wonderland. There were various indoor areas decorated with lots of trees and pretty scenes:

Sitting in a pretty gazebo



There were even moments when fake snow (made from soap, I believe) poured down from the ceilings!

Fake snow is fun because… it isn’t cold!~


After we finished walking through this Winter Wonderland, there was a professional photographer waiting at the last point. We had our photos taken and received some cute prints! I don’t have them with me at the moment (I forgot to take my copies; Terry has them at the moment). But I hope to give the photo prints to my mother and grandparents the next time I see them.

When we left the Winter Wonderland, we decided it would be fun to take some outdoor photos nearby! We walked around and found an area with cute historic buildings.

Image An old school house


After taking photos of each other and chatting about family and possible other activities to do while wearing lolita in the future, Terry and I recorded silly clips of each other in this area. I decided to put together some of these clips for my first lolita-centric YouTube video. After some thought, I decided to make a YouTube channel. Once we decided that was enough filming for the day, Terry and I found an outdoor gazebo for some more fun photos!


Terry was really hungry after this, and it was also getting late… so we decided it was a good time to get some food. We went to a small Vietnamese restaurant for our Christmas Eve lunch. Terry had Vietnamese udon noodle and seafood soup, and I had stir-fry rice noodles with beef and vegetables. There was hardly anyone in the restaurant, probably because it was Christmas Eve and most people are eating at home with their families.


All in all, yesterday was a lovely Christmas Eve! I am really grateful that Terry dropped by and picked me up to do something fun on Christmas Eve. Snapping photos, eating good food, wearing lolita, and enjoying the company of a friend are all great ways to spend a day.

Today, by contrast, I am taking care of the animals and wearing a sweatshirt and leggings. I wouldn’t want to crawl through the chicken coop in my lolita clothes…

[EDIT: Here is the Video. ^_^]

How did you spend your Christmas Eve? Do you have any plans for this week?

We will be Lolita Rappers…


Yesterday, I had the chance to be part of a fun music video parody of “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore… Lolita style! You can watch the music video here. Harmonycloud ran the video-filming event, and she was nice enough to let me crash at her place since it was a long commute for me to get to Boston. I was really happy to see old Lolita friends again, as well as meet some new friends from the Boston community! Everyone was really friendly, and we had fun filming the video, taking photographs, talking about Lolita fashion (and other random topics: from feminism to our futures), and eating a delicious dinner together.

Here is a great photo (by Harmonycloud) of my coordinate:


She even got a candid photo of me fixing my makeup! >w<


I look so serious though… I had no idea she was taking a photo of me at the time! Then again, I took some candid behind-the-scenes photos myself… The Lolitas were wonderful actresses (and dancers)!


We shot the music video in various places: a local park, in front of various churches, on a staircase up a hill… I was pleased with the locations we found. All the Lolitas present had gorgeous coordinates! From Angelic Pretty to Alice and the Pirates to Haenuli… many brands were represented! And of course, I wore my Bodyline waffle-themed OP (with my new red Bodyline shoes). For this music video, I played the part of the OTT Sweet Lolita.


After we finished filming the music video, we began a new project: a mini Lolita documentary! Harmonycloud asked each of us a few questions and recorded our answers at her apartment. “What does Lolita signify for you?” was one of the questions. When we completed these brief interviews, we went out for a Japanese Barbeque dinner. It was my first time at a BBQ restaurant! The meats and sauces were delicious (and I loved the S’mores for dessert). However, I was not dolled up for dinner since I had partially changed into a cosplay… The story: I was recruited by Harmonycloud to join her My Little Pony photoshoot, but I will not be able to go to the photoshoot event next week. So, the solution was to take photos of me in my cosplay right after the Lolita rap video.

My Applejack (MLP) Cosplay!

I cannot wait to see the photos from this photoshoot, and I look forward to seeing the other girls’ My Little Pony cosplays. ❤ I am sure they will all be amazing!

Watch We will be Loli Rappers and check out our video of silly Bloopers!~


(Photos are from Harmonycloud or from my personal camera)

A French Lolita Tea Party

Since Miss Milly and I met in July (during my first time studying abroad), we have become pretty close friends even though we only knew each other for a short period of time. I was thrilled to meet another French Lolita! Besides Miss Milly, I also met a few other lovely Lolitas during my time studying in Paris, France. Miss Milly was kind enough to invite me over for a sleepover, and we had fun looking at manga, flipping through Lolita magazines, watching Kamikaze Girls, and painting our nails! We even spent time browsing through the wonderful items on Taobao. I also had the amazing experience of an authentic French dinner with Miss Milly’s family and family friends. In the morning after the sleepover, Miss Milly and I cooked and baked and set up a delicious and delightful tea party (for two)!

Here I am, making pancakes!

Look at all the food… ❤

I am really happy I had the chance to have a Lolita Tea Party with Miss Milly. This was a wonderful experience that I know I will remember far into the future! Image After the tea party, we took a walk to the local riding club. There were so many beautiful horses at the stables! ❤ I even got to see an adorable shetland pony, a llama (with totally crooked teeth), and an energetic goat!

Isn’t this horse beautiful?

We even had the chance to imitate Momoko from Kamikaze Girls! After all, it was not too long before we came across animal dung… (Ewww…. We do not approve. But it was a great photo opportunity! >w<) ImageImage Miss Milly is an amazing person, and you should totally check out her blog! The dress she is wearing in these photos is a dress that she made herself. She is truly a talented person! (She is also a cosplayer, and a lover of other Japanese street fashions such as Fairy Kei.) Update: I now have a Facebook page! Feel free to like the page if you want to stay in touch with me outside WordPress.

Reactions to Me Wearing Lolita


“Whoa, what’s going on here? Why are you dressed like that?”

“Little Bo Peep, where are your sheep?”

“You look so cute!”

“Are you a Drag Queen?”

“Mary had a little lamb!”

“Nice cosplay!”

“Why is your skirt so poofy?”

These are just some of the comments and questions I have received while wearing Lolita in public. In my personal experience, people have approached me and asked questions more out of curiosity than in a mean-spirited manner.

There have been a few negative experiences, but I do not want to dwell on them for too long. Here are a few negative experiences I have had while wearing Lolita:

-Stranger Sneakily Takes Photos…-

One day I was helping a friend with her photography assignment. I dressed up in Sweet Lolita (Red Gingham, attempt at a Country Lolita coord), and she took some photos of my on the streets in town.


I did not notice anything suspicious, but my friend noticed something. She came up to me and told me that someone was taking pictures of us without our permission. She called out to the man and asked him, “Don’t you want to ask for our permission first?” He ignored us and just walked away, and I told my friend not to go after him. It was just a small incident after all, and at least he stopped. I do not mind when people want to take photos, but I believe it is proper etiquette to ask for permission first.

-Rude pointing- “HAHAHAHAHA”


Okay, I do not appreciate it when people point at me and start laughing really hard. I know that Lolita fashion is something you may not see everyday, and it is definitely different from “popular fashion,” but it is extremely rude to point at someone and start laughing in an obviously mean-spirited manner. In this situation, I ignored the people laughing and pointing at me and kept walking, keeping my head held high but not making eye contact. I did not know the people who were laughing and pointing at me, so I figured I would probably not see them again. I felt awkward because I don’t like being laughed at (especially since I was bullied a lot in middle school and high school). This was an unpleasant experience, but unfortunately, it is pretty common. Some of my friends said that similar instances of rude laughter were directed at them as well.

Advice: How to deal with negative reactions:

1. Remind yourself why you wear Lolita fashion. You love it, right? Why? Remember why you want to wear it and remind yourself that this is your personal fashion choice. Even if people don’t like what you wear, it is not your problem. Just remember why you like it.

2. Ignore the negative reactions. From my experiences with being bullied and teased in public school, I learned that it is best to ignore negative reactions instead of giving the bullies the benefit of a counter-reaction. Bullies (and rude people) usually want attention. It is best to ignore them.

3. Be confident. Even if you do not feel confident, pretend to be confident. I pretended to be confident when I did not feel confident at all, and this helped me by calming me down and making me feel better.

4. If you are really upset about something that happened, talk about it to friends and/or family! Talking to others and sharing your experiences can help a lot.

5. Remember not to take any insults to heart. Do not let the insults and mean words get to you! If your friends, and not strangers, are insulting you, you should talk to them about how you feel and explain why you wear Lolita fashion. Friends should not be saying mean things to their friends.

There have been lots of stares and some people have thrown insults at me, but there have been positive experiences with wearing Lolita in public as well. Let’s focus on some positive experiences now!


“I haven’t seen someone wear a petticoat since I was a little girl! That’s such a pretty skirt!”

When I was waiting for my ride to my first Lolita meet-up, an elderly woman approached me with a big smile and said this. I smiled back and told her, “Really? Thank you so much!” She then asked me if I was going to a party, and I told her that it was something like that. I explained what Lolita fashion was, and told her that I was heading to a meet-up for people who harbor an interest in this alternative fashion style.


She wished me a good day, and I wished her a good day as well, and then she continued on her walk. This was a positive experience for me because it gave me more confidence while I stood on the sidewalk waiting for my ride. When I was walking from my dorm room to the town center, I had received lots of stares, and I felt embarrassed and awkward. I was also feeling nervous about the meet-up because I was not sure what the community would be like and how I would fit in since it was my first time attending a Lolita meet-up. Now that I have worn Lolita more often in public, I believe that confidence is something you can build over time. I still feel nervous sometimes (mostly about my coordinates), but I no longer feel embarrassed to wear Lolita outside, and I am able to ignore the stares and feel good about myself. I still do not feel comfortable wearing OTT Lolita all by myself, but I can confidently wear OTT in public if I have a friend dressed up in Lolita fashion along with me! Maybe someday I will develop the confidence to wear OTT Lolita style whenever I want, even if I am all alone.

“… Hi! I really like your dress…”


An adorable little girl said this to me one day in a shy voice. She looked like she was only five or six years old, and my heart practically melted on the spot. I smiled brightly to her and said, “Thank you! I like your dress too.” She was wearing a cute pink and yellow floral sundress that was in a similar cut to many JSKs that I’ve seen. (Has anyone else noticed that many dresses for little girls look like adorable JSKs and OPs?) Her mother asked if her daughter could stand next to me for a photo, and I agreed. The little girl looked so happy when she stood next to me; she kept staring at the print on my skirt. I felt happy too; I was really glad that I got to make someone smile! This experience also reminded me of another time… A time when I was cosplaying, and a young girl stared at me and asked if I was a princess. I told her that I was not, but that I was flattered that she thought I looked like one. She looked really surprised and happy to see me there in the mall bathroom. It was not a convention or a cosplay event, but a friend and I wanted to meet up to cosplay at the mall for fun. I wonder if anyone will call me a princess when I am wearing Lolita… That would be an amazing thing.

“Excuse me Miss, you are a walking work of art!”


I was walking downtown dressed in Sweet Lolita to meet a friend, and a man stopped me on the sidewalk to say this to me. I was surprised to hear this since whenever I wear sweet, I tend to get “Little Bo Peep” or “Mary had a little lamb” comments. Sometimes the “Alice in Wonderland” comments come up as well. But I had never heard this comment before! I thanked the stranger and he continued to tell me that he loved the details on the dress. He asked where I got the dress and if it was some sort of new style, and I explained Lolita fashion to him and told him that I had purchased the dress online, secondhand. He said he was amazed that Lolita fashion existed and he thought that there should be Lolita dresses sold in local stores. I replied, “Oh my gosh… I would love it if stores in town carried Lolita dresses!” This would be a dream-come-true for many Lolitas… Imagine that: walking downtown and seeing Lolita dresses displayed in the windows!


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Tips for Surviving the Summer in Lolita


How do you make it through the summer in all these frills?

I will try my best to give some tips! I do not wear Lolita everyday, but I hope to eventually become a lifestyle Lolita. In the summer, the weather gets hot, so I have already pondered how to wear Lolita and still be comfortable in the heat of summer.

In my opinion, it is okay to go casual. When it is really hot out, I would rather dress more casually than overheat. For example, I have paired a printed skirt with a solid-colored cotton shirt to battle the heat.


It’s just a plain red t-shirt, but I think the outfit still fits with the Lolita aesthetic. I skipped a wig and decided to keep my natural hair for the coord, since wigs can trap heat and make me feel less comfortable outside. Instead of wearing a large hair accessory such as a bonnet or a jumbo headbow, I wore a small barrettes in my hair. I think less hair accessories can help keep your hair cool in the summer heat (or at least I feel more comfortable with small barrettes when it’s hot out). You could also wear a nice sun hat with a wide brim as part of your coordinate to help shade your face from the sun.


In a more recent casual coordinate, I paired a red t-shirt with a high-waisted strawberry skirt. In my sort-of-curly hair (my friend curled my hair, but it didn’t last too long; my hair does not take well to curling), I am wearing a small barrette and a jumbo hair clip.

My method for wearing Lolita in the heat: go casual! I try my best to stick to the Lolita aesthetic while attempting casual coordinates.. (Although I skipped the petticoat in that high-waisted skirt coord. I only wore a petticoat for the photo. xD)

Here are some items I think would be great for a Lolita in the summer:

1. A one-piece dress

The great thing about this item is that you can skip the blouse and still fit in with the proper Lolita aesthetic. Go with a breathable fabric such as cotton for the dress and choose a short-sleeved piece over a long-sleeved one. Avoid a high neckline style if possible (since necks can be sweaty places!). If it is really hot and you want to wear a JSK without a blouse, go for it! Even though JSKs are meant to be worn with blouses, whether or not you wear a blouse is your personal choice. Do what makes you feel comfortable!

DSC_2101 - Version 2

I wore this Bodyline OP and Headbow set that I got off the EGL Comm Sales on International Lolita Day. I paired this set with a necklace, two rings, a barette, a pair of cute crew socks, and mary-janes. I wore a light petticoat to minimize the layers.

2. Ankle socks

In cool weather, I always wear over-the-knee socks or knee socks over tights or leggings to keep my legs warm. When it’s warm, I am usually okay with wearing knee socks (since I’m usually cold), but I know that sometimes, it gets hot! For some people, wearing knee socks or thick socks can be unbearable in the heat. I have seen a lot of cute ankle socks lately, so I think this would be a great summer alternative to knee socks and OTK socks. (If you find cute crew socks, crew socks could also work for the summer!)

Some examples of cute ankle socks!


Here is a better look at the crew socks I wore with my International Lolita Day casual coord. I love the ballet-slipper design!

3. Hair scrunchies

There are a ton of cute hair scrunchies and hair ties out there! Personally, I prefer to tie up my hair in hot weather. When my hair is all over my neck, I feel more uncomfortable in the heat. In the summer, you can tie your hair back in a ponytail or in twin pigtails. You could also do a cute side ponytail, or braid your hair! An updo or bun would be another (very elegant) possibility. You can use hair scrunchies in your real hair, but if you are wearing a wig, you could also style your wig with hair scrunchies!


There are a wide variety of hair scrunchies!~ (I love all of these scrunchies and I hope to use them in future coordinates! I’ve had these lying around since elementary school though. xD I used to wear them all the time as a little girl.)

4. Bolero or Cardigan

A short-sleeved or three-quarter-sleeved bolero or cardigan is a cute way to stay covered up in the summer heat. Look for a thin or open-knit one so you can keep cool while maintaining modesty! You could skip the blouse and wear a bolero or cardigan over a JSK as well. The less layers you wear, the cooler you will be. You can probably find cheap loliable boleros or cardigans easily in local stores too. (Even a plain solid-color one could work in many coords! A basic bolero or cardigan can be worn in and out of Lolita.) If you want a made-for-Lolita bolero or cardigan at a good price, check community sales online, or local swap meets if there are any.

5. A summer hat

There are many cute and functional summer hats out there, and I think many of them are loliable. Go for a wide-brimmed hat for the most protection against the sun, but you can also choose to wear an adorable boater hat or a simple straw hat. If you are wearing a floral dress or skirt, a hat with silk flowers on it would be a cute addition to the coordinate. You might be able to make a cute visor hat work for a Lolita coordinate as well (for example, use a pastel pink visor with a pink sweet lolita summer coordinate).


6. A parasol

I do not have a Lolita parasol or umbrella, but I love seeing this accessory in Lolita coordinates. Parasols provide great shade from the sun while also acting as a stylish accessory. If you want an easy-to-carry parasol, look for a collapsible one or a light one. That way, it will not weigh you down when you aren’t using it. There are so many gorgeous lace parasols and parasols/umbrellas with ruffles along the edges that I’ve seen online. I wish I could find a parasol in a local store though. Unfortunately, I do not have advice on where to find a good parasol. Brand Lolita parasols are really pricey, but also really gorgeous. Maybe someday I will get a Lolita parasol? It’s definitely on my wishlist!

7. Remember your summer essentials!

Sunblock is important: you do not want to get sunburns! Sunburns are not fun. 😦 Bug repellent is also a good idea since you do not want to get tick or mosquito bites. You can easily find combination sunblock and bug repellent lotion! Lip balm with sunblock is also a good thing to stash in your purse. Also, remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration! Stay safe in the summer.


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In and Out of Lolita


What do I wear in and out of Lolita? Well, let’s start with Lolita fashion!

The major Lolita styles I have stuck with have been Sweet Lolita and Classic Lolita. This is ironic though since when I first found an interest in Lolita fashion, my favorite substyle was Gothic Lolita.  I still really love Gothic Lolita, but it has been difficult for me to find pieces and coordinate outfits for it. It’s really interesting how one’s style develops: I used to dislike Sweet Lolita, but now, I adore it! In general though, I probably wear Casual Lolita the most often. I try to keep to the Lolita silhouette when I do so. You can see some of my full-out Lolita coordinates here.

Out of Lolita… Most of the time, I dress casually and comfortably. I wear a lot of jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. I like to tie my hair back into a ponytail, but if my hair is left down, I like to add a headband. Or a hair clip or two. (I adore mini-bow barrettes!) When I want to dress up a bit, I like to wear vintage clothes that my mother handed down to me. (My mom gave me all of her old clothes… For once, I am grateful that I am an only child!)


This is one of my favorite hand-me-downs from my mom! It’s a really cute blouse and shorts set, but the shorts are really billowy and resemble a skirt. There are also adorable detachable suspenders! The material is awesome; it never gets wrinkled!


Featured here is my favorite blouse that my mom has handed down to me. It’s a pretty peach color, and the fabric feels lovely! It’s a great thing to wear in the summertime. I adore the little details on this blouse, and I want to use it in a Lolita coord someday. I am finding peach hard to coordinate though… So maybe I will wear it with a plain white skirt in the future? We’ll see.


I don’t have many good photos of myself wearing clothes that my mom gave me, but above is an outfit that I really like! Sorry about the terrible photo. Everything I am wearing, even the belt, was from my mom. My mom used to wear things like this! I told my mom that she should still wear them, since they still fit her, but she thinks that she is “too old” to wear clothing like this. Sigh.


Above is another favorite hand-me-down from my mom! I love qipaos… My mom gave me a few of them. ❤ This is the one that fits me the best though! I love the sequin detailing, and the matching hairpiece is so pretty! The hairpiece doesn’t like to stay in my hair though. xD;; I have only worn this once, but I would like to wear it again someday. It feels too formal to wear on a random occasion though, so maybe I will wear to a formal event or ball of some sort in the future.

I also enjoy cosplaying, so if I wear a wig outside of Lolita fashion, it is most likely for cosplay. I also use my real hair for some of my cosplays.


Above is one of my cosplays from AnimeBoston this year: a maid variant of Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid). I love Vocaloid music, and I would love to cosplay as more Vocaloids in the future. So far, I have only cosplayed as variants of Hatsune Miku and Mikuo (the genderbent version of Miku).


Here I am cosplaying Enma Ai the Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo)! Standing next to me is my awesome Lolita friend. (I adore her coordinate in this photo!) This was the first time I cosplayed Enma Ai again in a long while. Last time I cosplayed her, I used my real hair. But this time, I revamped the cosplay by styling a wig to fit her character. This worked great since I hated dealing with my real hair last time I cosplayed her.


[EDIT] The photos from the Hell Girl photoshoot are finally up! Above is one of my favorite photos from the shoot.


Sorry about the terrible photo. I can’t seem to find a better photo in my photo library of my Terezi Pyrope cosplay. Outside of anime, I also really love cosplaying Homestuck! (I really need to catch up on Homestuck this summer though…) Terezi Pyrope is my patron troll, and I love cosplaying as her. ❤

I also really love cosplaying as Karkat Vantas (another Homestuck troll)! The gray troll makeup is annoying at times, but it was fun figuring out the best methods for applying the makeup and sealing it. Another Homestuck troll I have cosplayed as is Feferi Peixes. I have cosplayed as a few Homestuck kid characters as well. The above photograph was from a fun casual wintertime photoshoot. Photo credit goes to Micaiah Reid.

If you want to see more of my cosplays, you can check them out on my Tumblr through this tag! The tag has a mix of Lolita and Cosplay though… I was too lazy to make two different tags for them. xD;;


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