[TinyUnicorn] Split Wig Review


Today, I get to share my first review of a TinyUnicorn product! TinyUnicorn is a store on Amazon.com that sells wigs and miscellaneous items. I’ve seen clothing and home goods pop up in their Amazon shop too!

This particular item is a split wig the owner of the TinyUnicorn shop sent me. The colors are a silvery gray and a dusty muted purple.

The wig arrived packaged as expected. The bubble mailer it came in was big enough so I could cut the top to open the package without cutting into the plastic bag that held the wig. The wig also came with a free wig cap!

The split colors are beautiful! One half of the wig is a silvery gray color, and the other half is a dusty reddish-purple. It reminds me of taro in some lighting, but it has more red tones than a true taro purple color.


Below, you can see the hooks and the style of the netting on the inside of the wig.


The size of the cap fits me well, but I wouldn’t recommend this wig if you have a larger head circumference than me. I remember when I had long hair, I had trouble fitting all my hair under a wig with a wig cap size like this one. I used the hooks on the outermost notches when I wore this wig.

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Now let’s talk about the texture of this wig. When I first took it out from the package, I was surprised by how smooth and silky the wig fibers felt. I’m glad it is so smooth, and yet, does not look too shiny in photos (definitely a plus). I wore it all day, and the wig didn’t show signs of tangles afterwards! There was a bit of frizz, but I was able to smooth it out with a wig comb and my fingers. I also like that the wig has long bangs, that way you can wear it like I did (brushed to the side), or you can trim the bangs to your liking. I might trim the bangs later; for this review, I didn’t do any styling other than using a bobby pin to pin the bangs to the side so they wouldn’t go all over my face.


You can find this 28″ split wig here. Do you ever wear split wigs, or have you ever dyed your hair in a split style? I’d love to hear about your experiences with split wigs and hair styles too!

The last time I reviewed a split wig was this cute Miss Tea Wig from PennyDreads, back in 2015. Wow, time really flies…

Before closing out this post, I’d also like to shoutout my friend Tara, who let me wear the cute beanies and macaron hair pin for these photos. She also took the photos of me wearing the wig, using my iPhone. Tara has so many cute things! ❤


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RoleCosplay: Lolita Wig Review


RoleCosplay sponsored this cute lolita wig! Here’s some information about this wig from their website:

  • Heat-resistant Fiber
  • Main Wig Length: 65 cm
  • Ponytail Length: 65 cm
  • Price: $21.50

You can use the exclusive 10% off coupon code “lilixiao” if you want to purchase something from RoleCosplay!

The wig was shipped to me in a L-email wig mailer; I assume that this wig is from the company L-email wig. RoleCosplay sells a variety of different wigs, and I am not sure if RoleCosplay sells wigs from different brands as well.


Upon opening the package, I found that the wig was safely packed inside. There was even a complimentary wig cap!


Since my old black wig cap is really beat-up now, I decided to use this new wig cap when I tried on this new wig. Here are some flash/no flash comparison images:



With flash, the wig looks shiny. Without flash, the wig has a healthy sheen and not much shine. I personally think the wig looks better with no flash!DSC_0526.jpg


The inside of the wig has a capless construction. The wig circumference is also adjustable with the elastics and hooks. This wig was not too tight on me (which is an issue I have with some wigs, since my hair is so thick). The wig cap that came with this wig was also great! It was one of the black netting ones that has a hole on top to make it easy to pull on and pull up. It’s really stretchy and can hold a lot of hair!


The color of this wig reminds me of taro! It’s a pretty purplish-brown color. The wig is curly and has straight bangs. I trimmed the bangs since they originally went down to my lips. If you don’t want to trim the bangs, you can also sweep them to the side or clip them to the sides. I didn’t cut or style anything other than the bangs, so this wig came in ready-to-wear condition. The curls were bouncy and beautiful, and the length was perfect! The jaw clips for the ponytails were easy to use. The wig is thick, and as you can see below, the wefts don’t show.


The two ponytail clips are so cute and bouncy! I love ponytail clip wig sets because they’re so versatile. You can wear the base wig on its own, with one ponytail clip, or with both ponytail clips. The ponytail clips were not too heavy and they were comfortable on my head.


I also made a YouTube video as a supplement to this review. The first part of the video is the wig review, and the second part of the video is a coordinate rundown.

Coordinate Rundown:

  • Wig: RoleCosplay
  • Headbow: Metamorphose
  • Small Hairbows: Offbrand
  • Cutsew/Hoodie: Angelic Pretty
  • Skirt: Metamorphose
  • Jewelry (Bracelets and rings): Offbrand
  • Parasol: Angelic Pretty
  • Socks: Offbrand
  • Shoes: Bodyline



I always need to do Jojo poses in Lolita fashion, hahaha! The wig was secure on my head and did not slide around at all. Does anyone else watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures? I’m currently on the Egypt arc of Stardust Crusaders. I love this anime!

To see more photos, check out this Facebook album; I’ll add more photos over time. Shoutout to the photographer, Rick Joseph: thanks for shooting me!

Thanks so much for reading my review! Be sure to use the coupon code “lilixiao” if you’re shopping at RoleCosplay. Feel free to ask me any questions. ^_^ Hope you all have a great week!



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[Review] The Five Wits: Stocking Wig


Does anyone else here love Panty & Stocking? This wig is the perfect Stocking Anarchy wig, but the official name of this wig is “Angelic Striped Gothling Halo” … And Stocking is basically an Angelic Striped Gothling Halo, right? xD I always love the fun names for wigs from The Five Wits!

Here is the Product Description from the official website:

“This extra-long cosplay wig is blue-purple on the outside and pink on the inside, and great for cosplaying Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.”

Here is the package I received:


The bubble mailer had some small tears in it, but it was intact and the wig inside was not dirty or damaged.

The wig itself came wrapped in a long plastic bag. It wasn’t a ziploc-style bag like most plastic wig bags; instead, it was a long plastic bag that was twisted at the end. The ends of the wig fibers stuck out a bit at the end. I like this twisted way of securing the long wig; when I took the wig out from the bag, the fibers were smooth and untangled.


I have always had terrible luck with long wigs… Especially Stocking. I’ve gone through 2 different Stocking wigs, and both have been terribly tangled, even after using every possible detangling method I could think of. I tried Motions spray, fabric softener, detangling spray, wig shampoo and conditioner, silk oil, hair straightening iron, and more… My first Stocking wig became a total disaster; after combing it through, it lost so many wig fibers. My second one isn’t that terrible, but it was such a pain (and so time-consuming…) to detangle it.


This one from the Five Wits is my third Stocking wig, and I like the colors of this one better than the previous ones I have had. The colors are darker, and I prefer this look! The fibers are really smooth but also not too shiny. I love the texture of this wig! It’s a very different texture from those of the other wigs I got from The Five Wits, but then again, this is my first time wearing a long straight wig from this brand. The other wigs I have are short and straight or long and curly.

I also wore this wig when I cosplayed Police!Stocking for the first time (technically a different shoot but with the same photographer and on the same day).LiLi-Stocking-20.jpg

My college house basement worked really well for this photoshoot! It would also be the perfect setting for a horror movie… Lots of creepiness. And spiderwebs. I totally got lots of spiderwebs on me.


Long wigs do tangle, and I don’t think there’s any way to escape this. Especially when it comes to long straight wigs. However, this wig wasn’t tangled to total despair! When I changed costumes in the middle of the day, I honestly just threw the wig unceremoniously to the side because I was rushing. And when I put it back on my head, I didn’t have time to comb it through, but it looks alright in the photos! I just smoothed it down as best as I could with my hands.


This wig was easy to detangle later by gently combing it through with my fingers and with a wide-toothed comb. I was surprised by how it looked after wearing it all day for this shoot!



I’m rating this wig a 5/5. Highly recommended! I’ve purchased quite a few wigs from The Five Wits in the past, and I have never been disappointed. Most of my Homestuck cosplay wigs came from The Five Wits, actually! I still can’t believe today is the day after 4/13… (Wow, Homestuck actually ended!) My first wig from The Five Wits is a short black one that was super easy to style. I used to for so many characters, and I didn’t even need to use hairspray. The fibers were stiff, so they weren’t smooth or silky, but the stiff fibers made it super easy to style with my fingers… and they actually stayed in place!

Let me know if you have any questions regarding The Five Wits or this Stocking wig. My Stocking photos were done by Flash Cord Photography! I’ll try to make a post or two about this photoshoot in the future. I’ve been really busy with college classes and applying for jobs, so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like to. Hopefully I can blog more once graduation rolls around! Wishing you all a great week~!



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