[YesStyle] Winter Haul Part 1: Beauty

My Kawaii X-mas 2020 Look: Choker, Cardigan, and Jeans from YesStyle

Have you ever shopped on YesStyle? On top of any YesStyle sales going on at the moment, use my code “3PEARLS” to get an additional discount off your entire order!

You can check out my First Haul, Spring Haul, and Summer Haul too. I did not have a Fall/Autumn haul, so here’s part 1 of my winter haul, featuring reviews of the beauty items I received. I’ll post part 2 soon which will feature fashion items.

Did you know that YesStyle gives out free gifts everyday? You can claim your free gift by using their app! The free gift I received with my order was the I’m Sorry for My Skin travel set – it’s one packet full of travel size skincare and body care. What a great idea! I haven’t used it yet since I haven’t traveled… Pandemic woes. Hopefully after the pandemic ends, I can use it! It’s no longer available, but here are some similar options you can try:

I also got the GPS Mask Home Spa Kit (3 step beauty product) for free in return for my honest review. You can read my review of this product here on my Instagram. Here’s the product info as well, along with a text version of my review on Instagram:

A 3-step mask pack containing cleanser, sheet mask and nourishing cream to provide skin a special treatment.
It includes a cleanser, mask and cream for a minimalist but complete skin regimen.
The Oxygen Cleanser removes dirt, makeup and dead skin cells with its unique gel-to-foam formulation.
Follow with the 4th-generation Bio Cellulose Mask to provide skin with deep moisture and nutrients for protection.
Finish with the Cell Energy Cream to lock in nutrients and moisture.

How to use:

1. Create a desired amount of lather with the 02 Oxygen Cleanser. Massage the foam on your skin gently for 30 seconds, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

2. Remove the first layer of the Bio Cellulose Mask from the package, and apply on face.

3. Secure the first layer and apply the second mask layer. Make sure to avoid the eye and lip areas.

4. Remove the sheet after 15-20 minutes. Pat in any remaining essence until absorbed.

5. Apply the Cell Energy Cream on face. Pat until absorbed.


💕If you want to try this spa kit, use code “3PEARLS” for a discount! Shop tons of K-beauty at YesStyle.
✏️This is a 3-step at home spa kit, or as the name implies, anywhere kit!
✏️The first step is the facial cleansing soap. It applies clear but as you wash your face, it foams and turns white. This was a relaxing process.
✏️The second step is the sheet mask. It’s a very unique sheet mask texture: very porous and light! It was a little stiff, so I had to press it into my face more than I do with other sheet masks. I kept it on my face for 15 minutes.
✏️The third step is the facial cream. The cream is thick and has a slightly herbal scent, reminiscent of ginseng tea. I checked the ingredients list, and there is, in fact, ginseng extract in the cream! It’s a very rich cream and there’s enough in the packet to apply to both your face and your neck. It is super moisturizing! It also didn’t irritate my skin.
🛒Final thoughts: I recommend this product as something to buy and bring with you when you travel for a night. That way, you can treat yourself! It’s in one easy package to take with you, and no extra packaging to bring home with you after.

Have you tried either of these beauty products? Let me know in the comments!

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