Vannak Photography: Just a Dream Away


Day Dream Carnival: Just a Dream Away…

As you know, Angelic Pretty’s Day Dream Carnival is one of my dream prints! One of my dream dresses is the Day Dream Carnival JSK in sax blue. Over a year ago, I found the headbow in sax blue on Mbok, and that was the first Day Dream Carnival item I owned. I coordinate it with some Bodyline things, but I wasn’t able to find the dream JSK I wanted. I still have yet to find it, but I did snatch up this salopette! I was worried about purchasing it since I’ve never worn a salopette before, but it was too tempting since it came with the tights and the seller was able to do a payment plan. It took me a while to pay for the set, but I am so glad I finally have this. Maybe someday I can find the JSK… But for now, I love this salopette! I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a salopette, but it’s comfy and cute.


A Surreal Photoshoot with Vannak Photography

Vannak Photography traveled to my campus for this photoshoot. I truly appreciate his time and efforts! We took most of the photos in the Botanic Gardens, but we also shot by the dorms. I definitely enjoy shooting on campus since I’m familiar with the environment (and the gardens are absolutely beautiful, especially during the summer time).


The photoshoot took a few hours, and I tried some new things I’ve never done before. The end result was a total of five beautifully edited photos! Each photo is absolutely stunning, which doesn’t surprise me since Vannak’s work is always impressive! You should definitely check out his website.


I even brought macarons with me to eat during this photoshoot! It was a hot summer day and the cream in the macarons melted everywhere, but they still tasted delicious. The tree in the above photo (the one with the swing) is one of my favorite trees on campus.

Below, you’ll see my favorite photo from this photoshoot! Vannak Photography brought a stool, and I sat on the stool for the photo. Leaning back and sticking my legs out like that was actually quite a workout… I felt so out-of-shape. But it was worth it: the end result is so dream-like!


Here’s my coordinate run-down:

☆Headbow: AP

☆Star clip: Offbrand

☆Necklace and bracelet: Un-Re Designs

☆Cutsew: BTSSB

☆Salopette: AP

☆Tights: AP

☆Rings: Offbrand

☆Shoes: Offbrand

☆Umbrella: Offbrand

If you want to check out the photos on Facebook, here’s the album! I hope you like the photos as much as I do. ^_^


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Amethyst Ways Fairies: Vampire Blood Necklace

Amethyst Ways Fairies is a wonderful shop with many lovely handmade items! Amethyst blesses all the items under a full moon and infuses them with Positive Magick. She sent me a cute necklace to review: the Vile of Vampire Blood necklace. If you’re interested in buying something from Amethyst Ways Fairies, be sure to use the coupon code “20Off” for 20% off an order of $5 or more.

She mailed it out in a 3M mailer:


Inside the mailer, I found a cute wrapped present with a sticker on it that read “UNIQUELY HANDMADE.” The tissue paper was easy to open.


The necklace itself came in an adorable black box with this vampire icon on it! You can tell right away that the item inside is somehow vampire related… Mmm, vampire blood.



And now, without further ado, the box opening:


Nestled inside this tissue-paper-lined box was the necklace! The pendant is a vial of (fake) vampire blood, and it comes with a nice black cord with a clasp. The bottom of the box has an image of a vial. How cute!

DSC_0009No complaints here! Shipping was prompt and the product was undamaged. As you can see above, the pendant is very detailed. There’s even a sticker on the surface with a bar code and text noting that the blood sample is A positive. The vial is filled with red liquid (and glitter!). I really love Amethyst Ways Fairies‘s work.


Here is Amethyst’s brand story:

“Welcome to Amethyst Way Fairies, where everything is magical and just about everything has Fairy Dust on it. All my items are handmade with the utmost care, positive energy, and love. I give my all to every piece I make.

All jewelry has FREE shipping!


I’m a third generation witch, Witchcraft is a very sacred art to me. I see the Divine Spark in all things. I’m a Child Of Hecate, the Greek Goddess of Justice and Protection.
I’m also a Intuitive Empath, and Master Reiki Teacher and light worker. I help where and when I can. Through Etsy I hope to share my positive energy with you through my uniquely handmade items. All my items are Blessed and Consecrated under a Full Moon. The Divine Mother is in all my work.

My Soul Sister known as Queen Bee is my assistant, together we are known as the Amethyst Sisters. She is also a Child Of Hecate, helping me to bless all of the items we make.

Each item is unique and different. I make items for everybody in all walks of life, various cultures and beliefs.


I custom make items. It would be my honor to make a custom piece for you. You do not have to be a Pagan or a Witch for me to make you an item, I can customize to fit your needs and style.

I look forward to sharing my magic with you. Love and light )0(”


I think it’s great that all jewelry items have free shipping! Free shipping makes me so happy. Shipping fees can make something way more expensive… So with free shipping, you know exactly what you’ll pay! Feel free to contact Amethyst Ways Fairies to commission a custom piece. Amethyst is a very sweet lady, and she’ll be open to hearing your ideas and making your vision come to life.


Remember that you can use the coupon code “20Off” for 20% off an order of $5 or more at Amethyst Ways Fairies! Check out my Facebook album featuring this vampire blood necklace too. I hope you enjoyed this review! Feel free to comment or ask me any questions.


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LBC: How I’ve Changed In Lolita Over The Last Year


How have I changed in lolita during 2014…? I’m not quite sure at the moment, but let’s take a look at my style throughout the year.


On New Year’s Eve (technically 2013, I suppose), I wore a sweet lolita coordinate with a pastel wig. At the beginning of 2014, it seemed like I was really into sweet lolita. I even incorporated sweet lolita into my cosplays! In mid-January, I cosplayed as Jade Harley (Homestuck) in a sweet lolita coordinate.

But, also in January, I tried out a gothic coordinate:


I wore this coordinate to a local swap meet! The lolita inspiration for cosplay came back again later in January, also for a Homestuck cosplay… I cosplayed as Aradia Megido in a gothic lolita-inspired coordinate. At the beginning of 2014, I was so obsessed with lolita that it snuck into my cosplays!

In February, I also tried the gothic look again:


Now, let’s fast-forward to summertime (or at least warmer weather)!

For my friend Ashley’s graduation, I wore lots of lolita!




Looking at these photos, you can see one gothic coord, but the other two lean more toward sweet lolita. If you look at what I wore during the summer, it looks like sweet was more common than other styles.

I wore sweet lolita as my chosen coordinate for my first Anime Expo, AX 2014. Lots of pink and red! When my friend Terry and I went to Little Tokyo, I wore a red sweet lolita bodyline JSK (Cinderella Bunny):


(This is a bit random, but I just realized I should write a blog post about that California trip that Terry and I took… It was my first time in California!)

When I went to the Tokyo Rebel/BTSSB grand opening in New York City, I also chose to wear sweet lolita.


I honestly did not even realize how much I wore sweet until I took a look through my photos in order… Wow.

In the fall though, gothic (and maybe even hints of classic?) became more common! At the first local meetup of the fall semester, a fun little picnic, I wore one of my favorite JSKs.


At RuffleCon, I wore mostly dark-colored things. On Day 1, I wore my Chantilly OP. On Day 2, I wore an AATP JSK and Elpress-L bonnet, borrowed from Erica. (I wish I owned that bonnet, but alas…) And of course, I wore my comfy mary-janes the whole weekend.

saturday sunday

For my birthday, I attempted shiro lolita for the first time!


When I visited my friend Ashley in NYC, I wore dark colors again. We went to meet Akira at Tokyo Rebel, and that was an amazing experience! Here’s a photo of us:


As you can see,our coordinates are almost opposites! I had a lot of fun pulling together this outfit. (Red and black is my favorite color combo… and I love gold accents!) I love that Angelic Pretty skirt I snagged from Mbok!~ (Check out my guide to Mbok if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Before leaving NYC, I wanted to wear one more lolita coordinate! So, I decided to try my hand at a hime-inspired coordinate.


My last coordinate of 2014 was from International Lolita Day. I went to Boston for a lovely tea party, and I felt like a princess in my outfit!


It’s my only Innocent World JSK, and I absolutely adore it! I’m really happy with how this coordinate turned out. But now that I’m thinking about it… Did I change much over the past year? I think my style has become more mature, but I’m not exactly sure. I still like sweet lolita a lot, so even though I haven’t worn it out as much as I did at the beginning of the year, that does not mean I am leaving sweet lolita. To be honest, I do feel less confident in sweet lolita than I do in other styles. When I wore sweet lolita in the fall, it was for sponsorship photos. After taking the photos, I changed out of the coordinate and into casual clothes. Although, I remember I had lots of dance rehearsals at that time, and I cannot wear lolita to dance. Maybe that’s why there were slight changes in the fall and winter.

As for changes in my wardrobe, I think I’ve acquired more brand this year! I used to only have Bodyline and handmade/offbrand pieces. And then I got some Taobao things… And over the past year, I’ve added more Japanese brand pieces to my collection!

What do you think? Can you see any changes in my style from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2014?


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