LBC: A Coord Inspired by Your Favorite Novel

This week on Lolita Blog Carnival, I will be sharing a coordinate inspired by my favorite novel! I love reading, so it’s very difficult for me to choose my favorite novel, but I will pick one. Hmm… I’ll pick something real horrorshow!~


What first comes to mind is A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess because I have read this novel numerous times, and it never ceases to entertain me. It is thought-provoking, clever, heart-wrenching, and beautifully written. Every time I read it, I notice something different. Perhaps this is because I am a different person each time I read it? The first time I read it, I was thirteen or fourteen. I read it several times after that, and I read it for class in my senior year of high school. I have fond memories of my final project for AP English; my research project was on Nadsat!

A Clockwork Orange
I tried to emulate Alex’s manner of dress, using a white blouse and dress. I also chose more punk-looking shoes … hardcore shoes that look good for all the bezoomy fun that Alex and his droogs engage in. The cane with the skull head would be a stylish weapon that Alex could tolchock with! And of course, Alex’s signature bowler hat (sweetened up a bit with a pretty ribbon and bow). I also added a clockwork necklace and ring to the coordinate because I do think that the idea of a “clockwork orange” in the title is important in understanding the primary theme of the book. Even though Alex does not wear clockwork items, I wanted to add clockwork motifs into the coordinate as a window into the debate regarding human nature and human will.

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A Heart’s Sound //


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Book-Inspired Coordinates


I am so excited about this week’s LBC topic: “Book Inspired Coordinations!” Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine, and I am still very pro-books! I know many people want to switch to e-Readers or reading things online instead of borrowing real books from the library or going book-shopping, but I still love the feeling of reading a book that is physically right in front of me. I like the feeling of turning each page, I like the smell of books (especially old books from those random yard sales or library book sales), and I love the personality of used books.

For this topic, I decided I want to post two coordinates. One that I wore last week (and was very much inspired by my love of books and reading) and one that I will come up with and post later (perhaps as a new post), that will be inspired by a specific book or book series.

First up: the book-themed coordinate!


I tried to achieve a classy and elegant look with this coordinate, inspired by my love of books, but more specifically, my love of classic literature. If classic literature could be personified into a Lolita, I hope she would wear something like this! It is hard to see in the photo, but I wearing a lovely vintage cameo necklace. It was such a great find at a thrift shop. ❤

I also love how long this JSK is on me; it reminds me of a high bookshelf, full of a variety of books spanning across time periods and genres. I like to imagine that every item on the skirt is a different book (but I know that there are repeats of the same book printed on the fabric… I can still dream though!).

Now when did I wear this book-inspired coord? For my friend Terry’s birthday party! Here are some photos from the event:


As you can see above, it was a windy (and chilly) day, but nothing could stop us from celebrating a friend’s birthday with lots of frills and fun! ^-^


The birthday girl even purikura’d this selca of us~! Isn’t she such a cutie? I hope she had a lovely time on her birthday!


But back to the book theme… I really love this JSK. ❤ The print even has metallic gold details! Just look at the detailing in the print: the spines of the books are so intricate. Wow, this blog post was truly all over the place. Sorry I haven’t been writing many blog posts! At least the Lolita Blog Carnival gives me a reason to remember to blog. It is difficult to find time for blogging when I’m bogged down with academic life. I will try my best to write posts more often!

I will write up some more about a coord inspired by a specific book or book series later!


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