A Coordinate for California

Wow, it has been a month since my last post… Sorry about the brief hiatus! I thought I was going to participate in Lolita Blog Carnival this month, but time flew by and suddenly June is almost over.

But now that it is almost July… I have something to share! In a few days, I will be going to the airport… and flying to the West Coast for the first time! I am so excited. I will be attending Anime Expo in California, and staying in CA for a week with my friend Terry. I’ve never been to California before, so I’m looking forward to it!

I have to pack light, but I will be bringing some lolita clothes (and of course, my petticoat). I also will bring some gyaru stuff with me. I really want to get into the gyaru style as well!

On Day 3 (Saturday) of Anime Expo, I plan to wear a sweet lolita coordinate. I decided to plan out my coord beforehand so I wouldn’t have to struggle to coordinate an outfit in a jet-lagged state.


The coordinate is mostly pink and red! The cutsew is from Angelic Pretty and the skirt is from Bodyline (but it’s a replica of Angelic Pretty’s Fruits Parlor).


The headband and the necklace are made by Sweet Mildred, and the fuzzy star and the small bow are both offbrand. The wristcuffs are from Classical Puppets on Taobao, and they were a present from my friend Terry. Of course, I have to bring these wristcuffs with me! The socks are offbrand and the shoes are from Bodyline (with my orthotics inside โค luckily, they fit!).


I may pack some cute rings with me to wear too! We’ll see… I alsoย plan toย use a wig for this coordinate, probably my short milk tea wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs.

I can’t wait to wear this coord at AnimeExpo! (And hopefully, I’ll wear J-fashion throughout the week after the con!)


We will be Lolita Rappers…


Yesterday, I had the chance to be part of a fun music video parody of “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore… Lolita style! You can watch the music video here. Harmonycloud ran the video-filming event, and she was nice enough to let me crash at her place since it was a long commute for me to get to Boston. I was really happy to see old Lolita friends again, as well as meet some new friends from the Boston community! Everyone was really friendly, and we had fun filming the video, taking photographs, talking about Lolita fashion (and other random topics: from feminism to our futures), and eating a delicious dinner together.

Here is a great photo (by Harmonycloud) of my coordinate:


She even got a candid photo of me fixing my makeup! >w<


I look so serious though… I had no idea she was taking a photo of me at the time! Then again, I took some candid behind-the-scenes photos myself… The Lolitas were wonderful actresses (and dancers)!


We shot the music video in various places: a local park, in front of various churches, on a staircase up a hill… I was pleased with the locations we found. All the Lolitas present had gorgeous coordinates! From Angelic Pretty to Alice and the Pirates to Haenuli… many brands were represented! And of course, I wore my Bodyline waffle-themed OP (with my new red Bodyline shoes). For this music video, I played the part of the OTT Sweet Lolita.


After we finished filming the music video, we began a new project: a mini Lolita documentary! Harmonycloud asked each of us a few questions and recorded our answers at her apartment. “What does Lolita signify for you?” was one of the questions. When we completed these brief interviews, we went out for a Japanese Barbeque dinner. It was my first time at a BBQ restaurant! The meats and sauces were delicious (and I loved the S’mores for dessert). However, I was not dolled up for dinner since I had partially changed into a cosplay… The story: I was recruited by Harmonycloud to join her My Little Pony photoshoot, but I will not be able to go to the photoshoot event next week. So, the solution was to take photos of me in my cosplay right after the Lolita rap video.

My Applejack (MLP) Cosplay!

I cannot wait to see the photos from this photoshoot, and I look forward to seeing the other girls’ My Little Pony cosplays. โค I am sure they will all be amazing!

Watch We will be Loli Rappers and check out our video of silly Bloopers!~


(Photos are from Harmonycloud or from my personal camera)

My First Time Twinning

Before heading home from college, I had the opportunity to twin with one of my new Lolita friends! We dressed up in matching split-wigs and matching Fruits Parlor Replica OPs from Bodyline. We wore different socks, accessories, and shoes, but I hope we still look like Lolita twins! It was fun doing an OTT Sweet Lolita coord again.

Here is a photo of us twinning together:

ImageI really love my friend Megan’s cute fluffy hair accessories, barrettes, and mini-bows! We are wearing different hair accessories, but we have the same large headbow, and we both added a ton of hair things to decorate our wigs. Our wigs are not identical, but they are similar; they are both pink and blonde split wigs with ponytail falls. My wig is a few inches longer than Megan’s wig, and the curls’ shapes are slightly different. The tones of the pinks and blondes are also different, but they are close enough to show that we are twinning, I hope! I really wanted to wear wrist cuffs to match with Megan’s wrist cuffs, but unfortunately, I only have these brown x pink wrist cuffs. I hope the brown isn’t too noticeable… If I ever make or get plain pink wrist cuffs or pink x black wrist cuffs, I’ll be sure to coordinate this again, and try to coordinate everything better.

As for socks, Megan modded her socks and added cute cherry charms! My socks are really old socks I’ve had since early middle school… but the pastels work great for Sweet Lolita!

We are both wearing Bodyline shoes, but Megan is wearing white rocking horse shoes, and I’m wearing black platform heels. The shoes seem very opposite, but I think both shoes work well with these coordinates.

I really hope I can twin again in the future! Twinning is a lot of fun. ^_^


I’ll be making posts soon compiling my favorite casual Lolita coordinates and my all-out Lolita coordinates from 2013 (so far)!