[YesStyle] Winter Haul Part 2: Fashion

On top of any YesStyle sales going on at the moment, use my code “3PEARLS” to get an additional discount off your entire order!

You can check out my First Haul, Spring Haul, and Summer Haul too. Part 1 of my Winter Haul is focused on the beauty products I got, which you can read here.

I did not have a Fall/Autumn haul, so here’s my winter haul! I put the beauty products from this haul in Part 1 of my Winter Haul review. Here’s the YesStyle haul at a glance:

Everything I got was on sale! YesStyle always has great sales going on, and you can get discounts on fashion, K-beauty, J-beauty, home goods, jewelry, shoes, and more! If you use their app, you can also get free gifts with your orders.

Let’s talk about the accessories first…

  • Loville – Thigh High Socks – ★★★★★ – Love these socks! They’re high-quality and comfortable. Exactly as pictured online. Great price! I was definitely impressed by the quality considering how cheap they are.
  • Reiro – Printed Chiffon Bow Hair Clip – ★★★★★ – This floral chiffon bow is so cute! I had trouble choosing which bow to get since all the designs and colors are adorable, but I decided to try the light blue with white daisies since I don’t have any light blue hair accessories yet. Highly recommend this bow hair clip!
  • SURELIN – Heart Layered Faux Leather Garter  – ★★★★★ – This garter is soooo cute! Love the heart detail. I bought the black garter from YesStyle before too, as part of my Summer Haul. The pink garter is equally perfect and cute! I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it yet, but I’d like to coordinate this with some of my pastel looks, and maybe create a pastel-punk look.
  • Pouffle – Heart Choker – ★★★★★ – This choker is so cute, and even though it’s from a different brand, it matches the pink garter I got perfectly. If you want a matching set, definitely buy both of these in pink! I bought the white heart choker from YesStyle before too, as part of my Summer Haul. I wore this heart choker with my kawaii look for Christmas.
  • YUGGI – Faux Pearl Pendant Layered Choker – ★★★★★ – Super impressed with this choker! It’s two layers, and sometimes they get tangled in storage, but that happens a lot with my necklaces. It’s pretty easy to detangle. I have sensitive skin, but wearing this necklace never irritated my skin. I’ve worn it many times already. It’s a very elegant piece of jewelry and also easy to match with outfits. I’m wearing this necklace in the first photo on this blog post.
  • EROPIA – Set: Floral Print Off-Shoulder Crop Top + Mini Skirt – ★★★☆☆ – So the listing was misleading for this one. I thought it was a top and skirt set, but the skirt is actually a sarong. It wraps around and ties. I think this would be more suited as a swimsuit coverup. If you wear the miniskirt like so, you’d risk flashing everyone. The quality is also not the best, and the fabric feels cheap. The sleeves on the top are also super tight; similar problem to the Asymmetric Short-Sleeve Plaid Cropped Blouse / A-Line Skirt I bought as part of my Summer Haul.
  • Dute – Asymmetric Sleeveless Midi A-Line Dress – ★★★★☆ – Love the punky design of this black dress! It’s a midi-length, although since I’m short, it’s almost maxi length on me. The fabric is the type that wrinkles super easily, so I knocked off one star for that. I also had to trim a bunch of loose threads. I haven’t worn this dress yet, but I’m debating whether to wear it by itself or layered over a sheer shirt first. Either way, this dress will look cool!
  • NENE – Long-Sleeve Paneled Mini A-Line Plaid Dress – ★★★★☆ – The design of this dress is so elegant and cute! The plaid has some glitter in it, which I didn’t notice from the stock photos. It’s true to size, and this dress is almost perfect. The only thing I didn’t like about it were the straps with buttons around the wrists because they constantly fall off. My wrists are really small, so I have the same issue with bangles, but I thought these straps would be fine since they have buttons – but they don’t go tight enough, plus there’s only one belt loop for them on each wrist. It would be more effective to have at least 2 belt loops on each wrist so the straps don’t fall off.
  • Aigan – Rabbit Embroidered Cardigan – ★★★★★ – Wow, this cardigan is so cute and cozy!! I love the design and colors, and the fabric is super soft. It comes in white, black, and pink colorways, so I chose the pink one but all 3 colorways are really cute. Definitely check out this cardigan sweater! Perfect for fairy kei or any kawaii look.
  • chuu – Super Skinny -5kg Jeans vol.14 – ★★★★☆ – Thick and high-quality jeans in a very light blue color. They were tight on me, but I probably should have sized up. I got the Sky Blue color is size 27 but I think 28 would have been better. Jeans are hard for me to shop for since even in the USA, I wear a wide variety of sizes (I’ve worn everything from 25 to 29, and also 4 petite, 6 petite, size Small, etc.). I struggled to get into these, but I’ve worn them a few times and they’re comfy when you get used to them. I do wish they were more stretchy! If you get these jeans, size up.
Authentication card for the Chuu -5kg jeans

Overall, this was a great haul! The only item I was truly disappointed in was the Eropia set. I’ll probably avoid the Eropia brand in the future on YesStyle… (Hopefully I’ll remember!) Are there any brands you’re trying to avoid?

If you’re shopping on YesStyle, use my code “3PEARLS” to get an additional discount off your entire order!

Choker, Cardigan, Jeans from YesStyle

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Lolita Fashion on Taobao (Part 3): 11/11 Edition!

Have you heard of 11/11? 11/11 is Singles’ Day and is a huge shopping festival with lots of sales, discounts, lucky bags, etc. You can shop the sales at Taobao, Tmall, AliExpress.com, and some other stores and websites participate as well.

Even though I could care less about Black Friday sales… I love browsing and shopping during 11/11! Sometimes, I spend hours just online window shopping. And when the budget allows for it, snagging some great deals during 11/11 is the best!

Some of the Taobao stores display their 11/11 sales more obviously than other. When you’re on certain pages, you may be able to see a promo for the 11/11 like the following for Bobon21:

Bobon21 is a shop with gyaru, larme, etc. styles and some pieces can be loliable!

On Empty Wardrobe, you can see where the promotion is outlined under the second little red box under the price, where you see 11/11-11/11:

The promotion above is for every 200 spent, you can get 20 discounted – and there’s no cap.

At Confession Ballon, you can even buy 1 blouse and get the second blouse free:

On some shops, like Rotate Ballet, you can see the 11/11 sale banner bright and clear:

I’ve had my eye on the brand Yolanda for a while, and it looks like they have a bunch of 11/11 discounted items too:

I’ve never purchased anything from the above shops before, so I can’t vouch for quality, but they have great ratings from Taobao shoppers from what I’ve seen in customer reviews and photos on the site. If you’ve purchased from any of these stores, definitely share your thoughts! And of course, share any other 11/11 deals that you find.

To make it easier to shop and browse, I also recommend the Google Chrome extension that automatically translates webpages. This only works on text though, so text within images are a no-go.

For search keywords, check out Part 1 of my guide.

For shops I’ve purchased from in the past, check out Part 2 of my guide.

Happy Shopping!


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Born Pretty Store: Creepy & Cute

Hi everyone! I am excited to share my second review for Born Pretty Store with you all. You may remember my first review post for their Cat Ear Headband and Chain Hair Comb. You can use the 10% off coupon code “WUT10″ if you make a purchase from Born Pretty Store! unnamed This time around, I’m going to review a new batch of items:

All the sponsored products arrived in a padded mailer. The customs declaration said “Electronic,” which is not true at all, but the package arrived safely nevertheless.


Here are photos showing how each product was wrapped:



DSCN0619DSCN0620 DSCN0621

Three of the items were plastic-wrapped, but the Skeleton Hand Hair Barrette and the Pearl Headband were not. I do not have any complaints about these items. I was happy to receive them all! They’re a cool mix of creepy & cute items.


For my Luo Tianyi gyaru-inspired closet cosplay, I used the pearl headband. It’s a super cute touch to the outfit~!


I also used this headband for the above outfit. This headband goes great with this wig from PennyDreads! This headband is a comfortable and versatile piece.


For my PennyDreads review, I also wore the red skeleton hair clip from Born Pretty Store! This clip is definitely the perfect creepy-cute touch to the outfit. It goes so well with this wig, and also with my real hair.


Here, you can see the cute faux pearl bracelet. It’s stretchy, so it’s really easy to put on and take off. No need for clasps! The gold-tone bow charm is a lovely addition.


Isn’t it so cute? I think this bracelet would be lovely for a gyaru or lolita coordinate. I definitely hope to wear it with some coords in the future!


Now, check out the rings Born Pretty Store sent me!


These are awesome punky rings that will go well with a plethora of outfits. The angel wing ring is a good size – large enough to be noticeable, but not too large. It’s comfy to wear and fits well on my ring finger. The other ring is the claw ring, and I love how it looks like an actual claw holding onto my finger.


And here’s a photo of the rings’ underside:


They’re both adjustable, so I’m sure these rings can fit on your fingers too.


So what do you think of these rings? Do you have a favorite? I can’t pick a favorite to be honest… I love both of these rings equally! They’re both silver-tone, so I can wear them together and they match! They also fit together due to a bird theme… Wings/feathers, plus talons!


All of these items are under $3, by the way! Yes, I said under $3. They’re so cheap, so feel free to splurge on a bunch of accessories from Born Pretty Store~!

You should check out Born Pretty Store‘s Jewelry & Accessories department. If anything interests you, feel free to use the coupon code “WUT10″ to get 10% off. There’s also a 50% off stationery sale until August 20. Happy Shopping~!


Note: All portrait and cosplay photography in this post is by Studio du Petit Oiseau. 


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Blippo: Kawaii Items!

Blippo is a webstore full of super cute items! They sell adorable purses, kawaii accessories, cute Japanese stationery, candy, plushies, magazines, and more! Blippo sent me a mystery package to review, and the items inside the package were all pleasant surprises.

The package arrived in a sturdy cardboard box:


Look at that cute kitty and heart that Blippo drew! ❤ The package never got stuck in customs, yay!


The package had plenty of fillers inside to cushion and protect their products. Blippo sent me the following items:

1) Jewel Checkered Seal Phone Sticker

2) Kawaii Animals Ceramic Mug

3) Strawberry Hairpins


These are all new, unused items. The ceramic mug was wrapped in bubble wrap within its original box, so there were no damages at all. The mug I got was a cute piglet one!


I love how the ears are on the inside of the mug. It’s very unique and adorable, and of course, useful! Here are some more views of this kawaii mug:


Here is a closer-up photo for the strawberry hairpins:


The quality of all these items are great. I can’t wait to wear the cute Strawberry Hairpins and use the Mug for my tea on campus. You can see what the hairpins look like with flash and without flash in the comparison photo below:



To use the Jewel Checkered Seal Phone Sticker, you just cut the sheet into sections that you want to use. Clean the surface you want to place the stickers on, let the surface dry, and then you can stick the jewels on! Here is what I did with the sheet of stickers:



I kept most of the sticker sheet intact for the large chunk on the back of my phone case, and as for the sections I cut off, I placed two small squares on my phone and other small bits on my iPod case. The stickers also come in different colors (Clear, Blue, Pink, and Purple) on Blippo‘s website! They even have a huge Decoden section if you want to look for supplies to make cute decoden phone cases and other crafts.

I also have an upcoming surprise for you all… But I can’t tell you what it is yet. Maybe it will be revealed in my next blog post…? We’ll see! For now, please check out Blippo; they have so many cute things to offer!


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