[TinyUnicorn] Split Wig Review


Today, I get to share my first review of a TinyUnicorn product! TinyUnicorn is a store on Amazon.com that sells wigs and miscellaneous items. I’ve seen clothing and home goods pop up in their Amazon shop too!

This particular item is a split wig the owner of the TinyUnicorn shop sent me. The colors are a silvery gray and a dusty muted purple.

The wig arrived packaged as expected. The bubble mailer it came in was big enough so I could cut the top to open the package without cutting into the plastic bag that held the wig. The wig also came with a free wig cap!

The split colors are beautiful! One half of the wig is a silvery gray color, and the other half is a dusty reddish-purple. It reminds me of taro in some lighting, but it has more red tones than a true taro purple color.


Below, you can see the hooks and the style of the netting on the inside of the wig.


The size of the cap fits me well, but I wouldn’t recommend this wig if you have a larger head circumference than me. I remember when I had long hair, I had trouble fitting all my hair under a wig with a wig cap size like this one. I used the hooks on the outermost notches when I wore this wig.

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Now let’s talk about the texture of this wig. When I first took it out from the package, I was surprised by how smooth and silky the wig fibers felt. I’m glad it is so smooth, and yet, does not look too shiny in photos (definitely a plus). I wore it all day, and the wig didn’t show signs of tangles afterwards! There was a bit of frizz, but I was able to smooth it out with a wig comb and my fingers. I also like that the wig has long bangs, that way you can wear it like I did (brushed to the side), or you can trim the bangs to your liking. I might trim the bangs later; for this review, I didn’t do any styling other than using a bobby pin to pin the bangs to the side so they wouldn’t go all over my face.


You can find this 28″ split wig here. Do you ever wear split wigs, or have you ever dyed your hair in a split style? I’d love to hear about your experiences with split wigs and hair styles too!

The last time I reviewed a split wig was this cute Miss Tea Wig from PennyDreads, back in 2015. Wow, time really flies…

Before closing out this post, I’d also like to shoutout my friend Tara, who let me wear the cute beanies and macaron hair pin for these photos. She also took the photos of me wearing the wig, using my iPhone. Tara has so many cute things! ❤


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Penny Dreads: Miss Tea Wig

Penny Dreads, my latest wig sponsor, sent me the Miss Tea wig in Black/Gold for review! This split wig is super cute and easy to manage! In addition to full wigs, Penny Dreads sells half wigs, dreads, and hair extensions. If you’re interested in buying something from Penny Dreads, be sure to use the coupon code “XIAORAWR” for 10% off! They mailed the wig to me via USPS Priority Mail: DSC_0103 This bubble mailer was sturdy and kept everything undamaged. Penny Dreads sent me really cute business cards along with the wig! The wig itself was perfectly packaged, inside a nice plastic bag with a Penny Dreads brand stick in the corner. DSC_0108 The wig came with scrunched up paper inside the wig to keep the head’s shape, and a hair net around the entire wig. This way, the curls stayed perfect, with no tangles in sight. Take a look at the photo below for with flash versus without flash views of the wig. DSC_0110_Fotor_Collage_Fotor As you can see, there isn’t a big difference in color depending on flash or no flash. Either way, the wig looks great! The golden blonde color is rich and I believe it will be flattering on many skin tones. Same goes for the black color! I love the split-wig design, especially since there is some blending of the fibers in the middle so it isn’t a stark change from one color to the next. You can brush and style the bangs in different ways to get different looks, and you can also brush out the curls for a more dramatic look if you would like! The wig fibers are thick and soft, so I am sure they will take well to styling.

Now, let’s take a look at what this wig looks like on me. DSC_0046 I think this wig is perfect for lolita fashion! The split-color trend is super cute. The black/gold combination of this Miss Tea wig makes it perfect for a variety of different styles. You can pair it with a gothic lolita look, as I did, but you could also pair it with a sweet lolita look! I can just imagine this wig paired with a cute tea time-themed lolita print. You can also wear this wig for other alternative styles. I think it would be really cool with a cyberpunk outfit! And this wig would also be really cute with a rokku gear coordinate. DSC_0095 You could also wear this wig casually, just for fun! This wig will make any outfit unique. You can pair it with your favorite graphic t-shirt, with a cute summer dress, or even with jeans and a comfy top. This wig is really easy to wear, and it fits my head perfectly: not too loose, not too tight. There are elastics and hooks in the back of the wig so you can adjust the head circumference if needed. Here is a back-view photo of the worn wig: DSC_0073

Be sure to check out my Facebook album featuring this beautiful Miss Tea wig in Black/Gold. I’ll add more photos to it over time, so like my page to see more photos! I also used this wig for other sponsored product styling, so you’ll see this wig pop up again in future reviews. I highly recommend Penny Dreads as a wig company! They have great customer service too; they respond promptly to all of my emails. Give their Facebook page a like, and check out their Instagram and Twitter.

Reminder: If you buy something from Penny Dreads, use the coupon code “XIAORAWR” for 10% off!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of this lovely wig! I can’t wait to see what other wigs Penny Dreads will release. They are a very promising company. ^_^

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