Review: Mashmallow Octopus Necklace


Happy New Year, everyone! How is your 2015 going so far? I’m really sick right now, so I’m glad I took these photos before I got sick… In any case, I can still blog in my sickly condition, which is nice. I hope I feel better soon… (I think I just have a bad cold, but it might be something worse.)


I got an octopus necklace from Mashmallow, and I absolutely love it! I decided to review this product for all of you since I already have some photos.


Here is what I saw on my doorstep when the package came in:


Here is how the necklace was packaged:


There were no damages to this item, so I was very pleased with the product and product packaging! Instructions and warnings were included in the box. Keep this necklace away from extreme temperatures!


The octopus pendant is a bright neon pink, and the octopus even has cute little black eyes. It’s a very well-crafted pendant, and the black cord is also high-quality!


Isn’t the octopus adorable? I want to name her, but I haven’t thought of a name yet. Feel free to suggest names~!


I wore this necklace with a mostly-black outfit. I love the stunning bright color~! It truly stands out against my black top. Both the pendant and the black cord are sturdy. The clasp is easy to use as well! The length of the necklace is perfect, and I plan to wear it with my casual outfits since it’s so easy to wear.


Seriously, check out Mashmallow for all your adorable octopus needs!



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Lolita Fashion Coordinate Mixed with a Different Alternative Fashion Style…
Steampunk Lolita
This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt is: Lolita Fashion Coordinate Mixed with a Different Alternative Fashion Style. Above is an example coordinate set on Polyvore that I made! (It is my first time using Polyvore, so I apologize for the plain set-up… I am still figuring out how to use the website.) Can you guess the mix that I made? (Unfortunately, I was unable to add more items to the set. I would have added a hat and some accessories that would have completed the coordinate…)
I chose Steampunk-Lolita as my alternative fashion fusion! Both of these fashion styles are really appealing to me. I attempted some steampunk coordinates in middle school and high school, but they were really difficult to figure out, and to be honest, I don’t think any of them were any good.
The Steampunk fashion style, in my opinion, has a very neo-Victorian feel. There are also some key motifs I see in the fashion style, such as cogs and gears, steam-powered machines (does anyone want to drive a dirigible with me?), and goggles.
For this Steampunk-Lolita coordinate, I would definitely add a clockwork pin to the blouse or to the dress, a gold-and-brass-themed floral hair corsage, and some steampunk-y jewelry (necklace, bracelet, a few rings, and earrings!). A snazzy brown leather belt would also be a great addition to this coordinate! Instead of a floral hair corsage, you could wear a top hat or a bowler hat.
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