[Giveaway] Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner


Enter my Rafflecopter giveaway today! This giveaway will run for two weeks. It will open for entries on September 30 at midnight, and it will end on October 14 at midnight. My time zone is EST. The winner will be randomly chosen via Rafflecopter after October 14.

Here’s what you have the chance to win: a full size Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner from WishTrend! I love this toner, and I used it up over the summer. It’s great for sensitive skin; my skin is very sensitive and I encountered zero irritation with this product. If you’re interested in learning more about this line from Klairs, check out my review post here.

Here are some positive qualities of this toner:

  • Faster absorption, enhanced hydration
  • Balances pH level
  • Calming formula
  • No irritation

You can learn more about this toner from the official product page.

I heard from a WishTrend representative that the toner has been upgraded recently, so the product is even better than before. If you win this product, please let me know what you think of it! I would love to hear your opinion. Do you use any products from Klairs? Have you ever shopped on WishTrend before?

I will announce the winner on my fashion/beauty Facebook page. If you win, you’ll have to provide your full name, email address, and complete mailing address including your phone number and your postal code. The product will be shipped to you for free, of course! If you are a minor, you must have parental permission before entering the giveaway.

Here are some other terms and conditions:

  • You must complete all mandatory entries to be eligible for this giveaway. The optional entries will give you additional entries.
  • You are not allowed to cheat. Do not make multiple accounts to enter this giveaway.

Good luck, everyone! Feel free to comment if you have any questions. (And you can get an additional entry by commenting on this post! And another additional entry by commenting on a different blog post! I created many opportunities for you to gain additional entries in this giveaway.)



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LBC: What’s Next On Your Lolita Wishlist?


What’s next on my Lolita wishlist…? Well, this is a rather difficult question! My variety of interest is not just descriptive of the general plane; I also have a variety of Lolita styles that I am interested in. From sweet to gothic, I love them all! I have a list of Lolita dream dresses, but to be honest, I do not know if I will ever be able to claim them as my own. My dream dresses are “dream” dresses because they seem out-of-reach (and yes, I sometimes dream or day-dream about them). They seem unattainable due to their rarity or due to how expensive they are. (Sometimes, I find them for sale, but the sellers raise the prices… a lot. More than I can afford. And even if I could afford them, I would feel guilty paying that much money for one dress.)

In any case, I am not focusing my attention on one dream dress as my next target on my Lolita wishlist. I have a Lolita wishlist, but my dream dresses are not the only items on it. I also have what I call my “realistic” wishes: things that I want and can afford, and so, I add them to my wishlist. Some of these are not specific items, but desires for a type of item. Here are some examples of what I mean: a black loliable vest, a princess-sleeved blouse, a dress with a forest theme, a dress with a trump theme, a simple long-sleeved OP. As you can see, these items do not designate a brand, so I can fulfill my wishes for these items as long as I find something that fits the description, and  that discovered item also fits my budget and my tastes! So if I like the item, it’s a good deal, and it’s possible for me to purchase it, then I can check that thing off my list!

Now back to the Lolita Blog Carnival question: What’s Next On Your Lolita Wishlist? The next target on my lolita wish list is a trump-themed skirt. That has at least partial shirring (and that will hopefully fit me comfortably).

I have my eyes set on the Angelic Pretty Royal Cards skirt:

I spotted this skirt recently on Mbok, and so, I could not resist placing a bid on it. If I do not win the auction, I will still look for it. My favorite color way for AP’s Royal Cards Skirt is black, picture above. If I see a similar trump-themed skirt, even if it is not exactly the same, I will still be open to bidding on it or purchasing it (if it is within my budget). I just love the trump motif so much~! (And also, I really want a nice trump-themed skirt to wear with my trump-themed socks from the Metamorphose lucky pack!)

What is on your Lolita wishlist? Is there anything you are dying to purchase?


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Top 3 Wishlist Items


This week’s prompt is: Top 3 Wishlist Items.

It’s hard to choose just three specific items, but I will try my best! I will post 2 dream dresses as part of my Wishlist, and 1 item that I really want to own as the third Wishlist Item.

Item 1: La Bibliothèque OP – Juliette et Justine


I fell in love with this dress when I first glimpsed it online a few months ago. As an avid reader and lover of books, I adore the book print! It looks so unique and beautiful! In addition to the amazing print, I love the way this dress is cut. The fluttery sleeves look so elegant and sophisticated, and the entire dress looks very figure-flattering. The dress seems very versatile and easy to coordinate as well.

There are two colorways: Antique Black and Antique Orange. I love both of these colorways, but if I had to choose specifically one colorway, I would go with the Antique Black dress. I would be thrilled to have either of these dresses though! I would also be extremely happy if someone let me try it on if they own this OP. ❤ I would also be delighted to see this dress in person! I’ve only seen this dress online, so I’ve never seen it in real life. It would be amazing to see this dress and touch the fabric. I’m sure it looks even more stunning in person!

Item 2: Vampire Requiem Corset JSK in Red – Alice and the Pirates


I adore the print on this JSK. I stare at this dress a lot; I’m not going to lie. I’m always happy to see photos online of this dress, and I love seeing how people coordinate this dress into their Lolita outfits.

I love how detailed the print is and how it’s like you are wearing a story on your dress! I love how the bodice of the JSK has a detachable bow on the front so you can wear the bow on the chest (as pictured), or on the waist, or adjust it to be lying crooked on the bodice for a more asymmetrical look… And you might be able to turn the bow into a headbow as well, or some other sort of hair accessory… the possibilities go on and on! I would love this dress in any colorway, but my favorite colorway is the Red one.

(I may be biased though… since red is my favorite color… But in any case, I do think the red colorway looks the best with the print. And the Red colorway is the one I want the most.)

Item 3: Rococo Umbrella – Alice and the Pirates


I have always wanted a parasol or umbrella that fit into the Lolita aesthetic. Out of all of the umbrellas I looked at so far, this is my favorite! I love the triple frills and the large rounded shape. It looks like it would be very practical as well as beautiful in a coord!

Although to be honest, I don’t think I would be too picky about an umbrella. If I see an umbrella (or a parasol) that is similar but not exactly the same, and if it is within my budget, I will probably purchase it in a heartbeat. I prefer the deep and rounded shape of this umbrella, but these umbrellas would be wonderful to own too!

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