My Lolita Coord for the day!

This is what I wore to my first Lolita meet. ❀

Wig: GLW (purchased on Cyber Monday :3)

Hair Accessories: Handmade

Necklace: Thrift store

Blouse: Thrift store ($5!)

Bolero: Thrift store ($5!)

Wrist cuffs: Offbrand

Skirt: BTSSB, from comm sales

Tights: Marshalls ($2)

Shoes: Broken Metamorphose shoes, from a trade (traded a sweatshirt for these. XD The soles came off both shoes though… and on my way to the meet, I lost one of the clip-on bows. I think it fell off on the street…? I can't find it. 😦 Sigh. Today was not a shoe day)

My Lolita Coord for the day!

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