[Review] Dr. Jart+ BB Creams


Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to review four BB creams from Dr. Jart+. I’ve been using these BB creams for the past month, and it’s my first time trying products from this company.


Here is a quick review that encompasses all of the BB creams in this sampler set:

~ Pros ~

  • Packaging: I like how they all have the same tube packaging, and the different colors make it easy to find the BB cream I’m looking for. The label is easy to read.
  • I like the consistency of all these BB creams! They’re not too thick but they’re not watery either. It’s a light cream that is easy to blend.
  • Decent light coverage.
  • Non-irritating. None of these BB creams caused a negative reaction in my skin.

~ Cons ~

  • None that encompass all of the BB creams, but there are some things I dislike for specific ones.

Read on to learn about the specifics of each BB cream!


Dr. Jart+ Dis-a-Pore

Description from Dr. Jart+’s US website:

“What it is:
An innovative formula to moisturize, protect, and correct pores for a beautiful, radiant complexion.

What it is formulated to do:
– For combination to oily skin, this powerful formula conceals and treats enlarged pores and blemishes
– Features SPF 30 sun protection
– Comes in one universal shade

This all-in-one, innovative pore tightening formula delivers flawless coverage, sun protection, and hydration benefits. The perfect mixture of smoothing powder and elastic silky polymer gives tight adherence and covers blemishes and pores, fine lines, and uneven skintone. It helps to smooth and clear skin by treating large pores while herbal extracts control excessive sebum and present a fresh look all day long. The multifunctional BB cream brightens, provides antiwrinkle benefits, and protects the skin from harm UV rays, leaving the complexion smooth, beautiful, and natural-looking.”


  • Easy to blend
  • Evens skin tone (both color and texture)


  • Can’t think of any outright cons, but it doesn’t feel like a perfect fit for my skin. I think the color is off, but I still love this product!

Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox

Description from Dr. Jart+’s US website:

“What it is:
A purifying face cream that provides age defense, and hides uneven skintone and blemishes.

What it is formulated to do:
– Botanical Formula to purify and calm blemish prone or sensitive skin while also combating dark spots and pollutants for an enhanced radiance
– Features SPF 25 sun protection
– Comes in one universal shade

Perfect and protect skin instantly with this all-in-one multifunctional Beauty Balm. This triple-action formula naturally covers blemishes and uneven skintone, and contains botanical actives to purify and calm blemish-prone or irritated skin. Arbutin works to erase unwanted dark spots, while caviar extract and antioxidants protect skin from inner and outer pollutants for an enhanced radiance. Lightweight with sunscreen protection for simple, one-step neutralizing coverage, this soothing cream delivers optimal results for both women and men.”


  • Matches my skin tone
  • Easy to blend
  • Evens out my skin tone (my acne is less noticeable since the BB cream covers up the redness, but the bumps are still visible)


  • My skin is slightly sticky to the touch after application.

Other information

  • This BB cream has a slightly dewy finish, but it’s not shiny. I usually prefer matte, but I’m okay with this level of dewiness.

Dr. Jart+ Premium

Description from Dr. Jart+’s US website:

“What it is:
A one-step balm that perfects the appearance of skin while protecting it from the sun and environmental factors.

What it is formulated to do:
– Bio-Peptide Complex infused with white gold to provide antiaging properties and promote natural collagen
– Features SPF 45 sun protection
– Comes in one universal shade

A moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum, this all-in-one product also includes advanced brightening properties. Ideal under makeup, its natural looking coverage minimizes the appearance of imperfections and evens the skintone. Antioxidant bio-peptides and adenosine protect skin from harsh environmental factors while restoring firmness and elasticity. This lightweight formula features mineral sunscreens to provide broad spectrum sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Skin is left looking smooth, perfect, and natural.”


  • Easy to blend
  • Highest SPF


  • Has an unpleasant smell (it reminds me of stale chips…)
  • Doesn’t cover up my red spots (from irritated acne)

Dr. Jart+ Radiance

Description from Dr. Jart+’s US website:

“What it is:
A one-step balm that perfects the appearance of skin while protecting it from the sun and environmental factors.

What it is formulated to do:
– Next generation, multifunctional formula for radiance, brightening, hydrating, and firming benefits
– Features SPF 30 sun protection
– Comes in one universal shade

This innovative BB cream enhances your natural beauty in one simple step. Radiance capsules help even skintone and highlight skin’s natural radiance while the moisture-rich formula provides buildable, natural-looking coverage. Snow lotus and vitamin tree fruit brighten the complexion, transforming dull skin into a head-turning luster glow. It moisturizes and protects skin from harmful sun damage and conceals and treats uneven skintone. Skin looks smooth, flawless, and healthy.”


  • Relatively easy to blend (more difficult than the other ones for me)
  • Absorbs into skin quickly
  • Hides redness
  • Buildable coverage


  • Accentuates dry spots on my skin unless I apply multiple layers
  • Slightly dewy finish that looks shiny even in natural light (more dewy than the Black Label Detox one)



Overall, I like all of these BB creams. My favorite is the Dis-a-Pore one, and my least favorite one is the Premium one. I will definitely finish using all of these products because I never want to waste anything. Would I repurchase this? I won’t be repurchasing this sampler set since I’ve already given each BB cream in this set a try. I might purchase a full size tube of the Dis-a-Pore BB cream someday, but I don’t think I will for a long time. I still want to find the perfect BB cream for my skin, so the next BB cream I purchase will be a different one to try. Even though I do like the Dis-a-Pore BB cream a lot, it’s still not a perfect fit for my skin.

The quest for the perfect BB cream continues…

Have you found the perfect BB cream yet? What’s your favorite BB cream? I would love to hear your recommendations and opinions!


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