KCON NY 2017

This was my second time attending KCON (I should probably write a throwback post about my first time…), and again, I attended for only one day. The difference here is I attended in 2016 for Friday only, but this year, I only went on Saturday. I knew I wanted to go on Saturday because TWICE was performing that night and that’s the group I was at the con for. My friend Ashley went on Saturday too, and she was there for NCT 127, so it worked out. We got to sit next to each other at the concert as well!

Photo taken by Brian Ngai

For the actual con, we got there pretty late (in the afternoon). I’m not sure how bad the lines were in the morning, but for us, the lines weren’t too long of a wait. The only problem we encountered was trying to find the area where we could pick up our wristbands (which are like badges for entry). The wristbands were really secure, so no worries about losing your “badge!”

During the con, it was fun learning some of Twice’s Signal dance at the dance workshop area. Signal was stuck in my head basically all day… but I didn’t mind at all. It’s such a cute and catchy song (and all the hearts in the dance are too adorable)! Ashley and I also got to sample yummy Korean snacks and beverages in the K-Food section.


We also browsed the K-beauty vendors (I didn’t buy anything, but I did get some free samples). The Innisfree booth was pretty generous with samples, and there was also a claw machine you could play to try to win full-size products. Claw machines were definitely a trend, since I also saw (a gigantic) one at the Toyota booth.


Photo taken by Brian Ngai

For lunch (or I guess “linner” since we ate lunch at like 4pm), we got food from the food trucks. I had fried dumplings, a Korean fusion taco thingy, and a refreshing yuzu fruity iced tea. Afterwards, I couldn’t resist getting a butterfly pea flower bubble tea with lychee jelly. Everything was delicious (although pricey).

Before sharing my concert experience, I might as well share my outfit rundown (even though it isn’t j-fashion):



  • Flower crown headband: a gift from my friend Arien
  • Earrings: purchased from KCON 2016!
  • Choker: Icing
  • Top: Offbrand (literally picked up from a random street vendor near where I live)
  • Shorts: Delia’s (got this forever ago, when there was a Delia’s store in the mall I used to go to in New Hampshire with my family)
  • Bracelet: Icing
  • Socks: Offbrand
  • Sneakers: Nike

Waiting in line for the concert felt like waiting forever (especially in the heat), but Ashley and I made some new friends. It’s cool how Kpop brings strangers together! We chatted about Kpop, but also about anime and travel among other things. Once we got inside the concert venue, I could really feel the excited energy from everyone there.
The concert itself was amazing! Even though I was only there for Twice, all the performances were impressive and I had fun watching all of the guests.

I zoomed in with my phone and recorded lots of snippets during the concerts (and sometimes watched through my phone to see somewhat better). I was grateful to the screens at the back so I could see close-ups and such!

I freaked out when Twice had their special stage! They covered one of my favorite Miss A songs, Bad Girl Good Girl. Click here to check out my fancam! I recorded a ton of fancams even though I was sitting really far from the stage. My iPhone did a fairly good job at zooming in!

There was SO MUCH CONFETTI AND STREAMERS at this concert. I feel bad for whoever has to clean up the venue afterwards… Even though I sat way up in the area for cheaper seats, confetti still managed to land around me.

When I left the concert, I even found some of the small pieces of confetti in my KCON bag.

If you followed me on Twitter during KCON, you would have seen me live-tweeting throughout the concert. After the concert ended, I stuck around a bit to snag the following photo:

Last but not least, here’s my loot from KCON 2017:


Most of the stuff was free, which is definitely a plus! Not pictured is a free baseball cap I got from AT&T which had the finger heart gesture on the front (and cool silvertone rings on the side of the brim). I forgot to include it in my haul photo since I was wearing it on this day and it totally slipped my mind. Fun fact: I first discovered the finger heart gesture on V App!

Here are the cosmetic samples I got from Innisfree:

I haven’t had the chance to try any of them yet, but I look forward to checking them out! Right now, the sunblock I’m using on my face is from Innisfree. Have any of you guys tried Innisfree products?

If you went to KCON 2017, I’d love to hear your experience! Feel free to share via comments.

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2 thoughts on “KCON NY 2017

  1. What an interesting event! They should have something like this in Toronto. Same with that Hyper Japan that they have in London. *Jealous*
    You know, I didn’t learn about the “finger heart” gesture until recently. I’m so out of touch! 😛
    You looked super cute and comfy for the event! 🙂
    Enjoy your loot! I’ve not tried any Innisfree products but I have some gwp samples hiding in my stash somewhere…

    • Don’t they have conventions in Toronto though? I think I’ve heard of some there. I was late to the finger heart party too!!! I discovered V app soooo late haha. I like my Innisfree sunblock that I’ve been using 🙂

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