Emptyland: The Last Installment

So I may be phasing out my Emptyland series… It has been difficult for me to keep up with this. Especially since the apartment I moved into in April is cockroach-infested and I haven’t been able to keep things like sheet mask wrappers and sample wrappers around to photograph because I’d like to minimize what could attract cockroaches or other pests.

I also haven’t been using that many sheet masks to be honest. I use them perhaps once a month now? But I’d like to use them more regularly in the future.

This is the last installment – first photos from April through October, and then photos from November and December.

And that concludes April through October.

Next up: November and December. The end of the year, and the holiday season, and the end of Emptyland.

I’m also considering doing product reviews for specific beauty products that are in my routine. My mom always tells me to stick to the same products but I enjoy trying new things so I tend to switch up my skincare products once I’m out. There are some faves I gravitate to repurchasing, of course!

What new products have you added into your routine this year?

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