[Lolita Blog Carnival] Create A Coord That Sparks Joy

This week’s prompt is: “Create A Coord That Sparks Joy!” I haven’t been very inspired by coords lately, but I decided to use my favorite color combination (red and black) plus some punk inspiration. I have admired punk fashion (and any rebellious fashion style, honestly) for a long time, and it was fun pulling together this look!

This JSK has been my favorite Taobao piece for years, and I also highlighted it in this Lolita Blog Carnival post in 2015. Chess Story’s In the Name of Rose JSK is so elegant, and I wouldn’t think to use it for a Punk Lolita coord at first, but I’m glad I chose to use it as the main piece.

The jacket is an offbrand punk piece I have worn in lolita coords in the past like this one, and this jacket brings me joy and I really should wear it more often.

Coord Rundown: Meeting Akira
• WIG: gothiclolitawigs (and lashes from dolluxe-cosmetics)
• HEADBOW: Offbrand
• NECKLACE: Vintage
• BLOUSE: Fanplusfriend
• JACKET: Offbrand
• SKIRT: Angelic Pretty
• SOCKS:...
A coord from 2014

I really love mismatched aesthetic, so I also wanted to layer one striped over-the-knee sock on one side, and reveal the patterned tights on the other side. I even chose to incorporate a choker with half black/half red and mismatching black and red fingerless lace gloves. These gloves and this choker I acquired into my wardrobe recently, and last time I wore them was for a Harley Quinn closet cosplay earlier this month, but I wanted to use these accessories for a punk look as well!

The black and red rose hair clips are so beat up now… they’ve been well-loved and well-worn, and I’ll continue to incorporate them into coords well into the future. These roses spark joy for me and even as I acquire new hair accessories, I always gravitate back to these roses when coords have black and/or red color schemes.

For shoes, I’d wear the same boots I wore in this coord:

Photographer: theamazingknight

These boots are super comfy, and I love how they look with various outfits. I have orthotics in them too, for arch support. I love how the red laces pop against the red, and I also love the silhouette of the block heel.

I read the Just Below the Knee Zine recently, and thoroughly enjoyed it. This month’s theme from them is punk lolita, and they’re running a Punk Coord Contest right now. I might wear this coord this weekend and enter it in the contest! I may even tweak some things a bit; we’ll see. One aspect of Lolita fashion that sparks joy in me is the process of creating coordinates (and wearing them), and I hope you have a fashion style in your life that sparks joy too!

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