Igloo Spa: Volume Gel Nail Strips Review

Have you ever tried volume gel nail strips? I honestly don’t pay muc I recently tried Igloo Spa for the first time and was surprised by how easy these nail strips are! If you’d like to try this product too, use the discount code “WELCOME” to get 10% OFF.

When you open up the box, you’ll find 2 sheets with nail strips of different sizes. This way, you can match up the nail strips to your own nails for a personalized fit. Your Igloo Spa box will also have an alcohol pad and a nail file included.

Here are the steps I took for applying these nail strips:

  1. I washed my hands and then used the alcohol prep pad to clean the surface of all my fingernails.
  2. I peeled the Igloo Spa nail strips, one at a time, off from the clear film to apply directly on my clean fingernails. When applying the nail strips to my nail surface, it’s just like a sticker! It was simple to stick it on, and I applied some pressure to help it adhere to my nails.
  3. Using the included nail file, I filed away the excess nail strips.
  4. After I was done with filing all the excess nail strips away, I applied a clear nail polish as a top coat.

Check out the results:

Feedback for myself: be more patient with filing down! I accidentally filed the surface of the nail strips as well, as you see above. So next time I apply these volume gel nail strips, I’ll be more careful so they look neater.

All in all, the process for the Igloo Spa Volume Gel Nail Strips was super easy! These lasted for about a week before they started peeling off. They will likely last longer for you if you don’t use your hands too much. I wash my dishes by hand and also type on a laptop everyday for work, so my nails wear down pretty quickly. It was easy enough to stick new nail strips on when they started peeling off. When I stuck new ones on, I was at LI Tropic Con and didn’t have my clear nail polish with me. Even without a top coat of clear nail polish, they lasted through the convention and still looked shiny and pretty. These nail strips definitely last longer than regular nail polish, and they aren’t damaging like gel nails with UV lamps. The pre-made nail art is so pretty and fun too! To remove the strips, you simply peel them off your nail. And the best part is: there’s no damage at all!

I recommend these nail strips if you are looking for a fun and easy way to apply nail art without damaging your natural nails. Remember you can use the new customer discount code “WELCOME” to get 10% OFF. πŸ™‚

How do you usually do your nails? Would love to hear in the comments below!


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