[LBC] A Holiday Themed Coord


Hi, everyone! It has been a long time since I participated in Lolita Blog Carnival. I’ve been really busy with the full-time job I started in September, so I haven’t had much time to blog. Hopefully I’ll find time to blog more in 2017! In any case, this week’s prompt is: Create A Holiday Themed Coord!

For WinterCon, a comic and sci-fi expo in NYC, I decided to wear a holiday-themed coordinate for Sunday at the con. Think: holiday toys and presents for children!


The dress and the headbow are from Alice and the Pirates’ Drosselmeyer’s Wonderbox series. I love the unique colorway and the variety of toys that line the dress’s border. The cuffs and yoke are nice touches too! I felt like a whimsical toymaker princess, to be honest.

Of course, this was a very cold Sunday, and most of the time, I was completely bundled up. And most of the photos reflected this.


Yes, I had a thick scarf on (which was technically a shawl that I used as a scarf), a long winter coat with a faux fur collar, and I had gloves with me (but I didn’t wear the gloves for the photos). As much as I love my Alice and the Pirates book purse, all my stuff didn’t fit into that small purse, so I used the tote bag I got from the Angelic Pretty Mook too. I also realize that I wear these rings with most of my coordinates. (Plus I’m wearing my college ring, which I never take off except for certain cosplays.)

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Coordinate run-down:

☆Headbow: AATP

☆Bow clips: Offbrand

☆Necklace: Offbrand

☆Rings: Offbrand


☆Tights: Offbrand

☆Shoes: Offbrand

☆Purse: AATP

☆Tote bag: AP

☆Coat: Offbrand

☆Scarf/Shawl: Offbrand

Wintercon 2016 154.JPG

I actually left WinterCon early to explore Manhattan a bit, and Joe of Just Cosplay Photos and I checked out the Rockefeller Center. It was super crowded, but we did manage to get some shots!

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I felt like the colors from the tree matched my outfit quite well! (Except all the colors in my outfit were darker.)

After checking out the tree, we looked at some of the window displays for various stores. A random lady complimented my purse and asked me where I got it. I had the chance to explain EGL fashion to her, which was a pleasure!

Wintercon 2016 307.JPG

Last but not least, I adopted this precious bear from WinterCon… I named him Drosselmeyer after my dress! Isn’t he adorable? Drosselmeyer is too precious and he deserves so much love. I will probably make a blog post specifically about Drosselmeyer and me at WinterCon. I am excited to see the photos Brian captured of me and Drosselmeyer!

Wintercon 2016 271.JPG

Thank you so much for reading, and please share your own holiday adventures with me! Photography credits go to Brian Ngai (photos at WinterCon) and Just Cosplay Photos (photos in Manhattan).


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RoleCosplay: Lolita Wig Review


RoleCosplay sponsored this cute lolita wig! Here’s some information about this wig from their website:

  • Heat-resistant Fiber
  • Main Wig Length: 65 cm
  • Ponytail Length: 65 cm
  • Price: $21.50

You can use the exclusive 10% off coupon code “lilixiao” if you want to purchase something from RoleCosplay!

The wig was shipped to me in a L-email wig mailer; I assume that this wig is from the company L-email wig. RoleCosplay sells a variety of different wigs, and I am not sure if RoleCosplay sells wigs from different brands as well.


Upon opening the package, I found that the wig was safely packed inside. There was even a complimentary wig cap!


Since my old black wig cap is really beat-up now, I decided to use this new wig cap when I tried on this new wig. Here are some flash/no flash comparison images:



With flash, the wig looks shiny. Without flash, the wig has a healthy sheen and not much shine. I personally think the wig looks better with no flash!DSC_0526.jpg


The inside of the wig has a capless construction. The wig circumference is also adjustable with the elastics and hooks. This wig was not too tight on me (which is an issue I have with some wigs, since my hair is so thick). The wig cap that came with this wig was also great! It was one of the black netting ones that has a hole on top to make it easy to pull on and pull up. It’s really stretchy and can hold a lot of hair!


The color of this wig reminds me of taro! It’s a pretty purplish-brown color. The wig is curly and has straight bangs. I trimmed the bangs since they originally went down to my lips. If you don’t want to trim the bangs, you can also sweep them to the side or clip them to the sides. I didn’t cut or style anything other than the bangs, so this wig came in ready-to-wear condition. The curls were bouncy and beautiful, and the length was perfect! The jaw clips for the ponytails were easy to use. The wig is thick, and as you can see below, the wefts don’t show.


The two ponytail clips are so cute and bouncy! I love ponytail clip wig sets because they’re so versatile. You can wear the base wig on its own, with one ponytail clip, or with both ponytail clips. The ponytail clips were not too heavy and they were comfortable on my head.


I also made a YouTube video as a supplement to this review. The first part of the video is the wig review, and the second part of the video is a coordinate rundown.

Coordinate Rundown:

  • Wig: RoleCosplay
  • Headbow: Metamorphose
  • Small Hairbows: Offbrand
  • Cutsew/Hoodie: Angelic Pretty
  • Skirt: Metamorphose
  • Jewelry (Bracelets and rings): Offbrand
  • Parasol: Angelic Pretty
  • Socks: Offbrand
  • Shoes: Bodyline



I always need to do Jojo poses in Lolita fashion, hahaha! The wig was secure on my head and did not slide around at all. Does anyone else watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures? I’m currently on the Egypt arc of Stardust Crusaders. I love this anime!

To see more photos, check out this Facebook album; I’ll add more photos over time. Shoutout to the photographer, Rick Joseph: thanks for shooting me!

Thanks so much for reading my review! Be sure to use the coupon code “lilixiao” if you’re shopping at RoleCosplay. Feel free to ask me any questions. ^_^ Hope you all have a great week!



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SteampunkWEAR: Mourning Veil


SteampunkWEAR sponsored this lovely Mourning Veil. I love this piece: it is elegant, dramatic, and versatile. When you look at it, it’s simply a square piece of sheer cloth trimmed with soft lace all around. However, it is a great piece to add to an outfit! You can wear it many ways; above, I have it secured on my head with a headband. You can also secure it with barrettes or bobby pins, or you can put it under or over a hat. You can even position the veil to cover your face if you would prefer!

Here is the package I received from SteampunkWEAR:


The padded mailer arrived safely, and the veil was neatly folded inside, wrapped in paper. The shop owners even included a cute thank you card! Check out the photos in the slideshow below for the first time I laid my eyes on the veil!

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This veil is perfect for Gothic Lolita coordinates: the simple design makes it easy to work into different outfits.


I love how easy it is to put the veil on my head and secure it with a headband. No pins or barrettes needed for this look!

I did the same thing for the following outfit:


Photographer: Vannak Photography

This veil would work well for gothic looks outside Lolita fashion too! I think it can be coordinated with punk looks, and you can even use this veil as a scarf around your neck if you want. It adds a touch of elegance and can give a sombre air to an outfit. I would love to see this veil used in a Victorian mourning-inspired outfit someday!

Besides fashion looks, this veil would also work well for cosplay! I used this veil to add a dramatic touch to my Hatsune Miku (Black Vow/Alluring Secret) cosplay.


Photographer: Astro Zombie Photography

It’s long, sheer, and trimmed with lace: it definitely compliments the black dress and adds to the overall Black Vow aesthetic! Below, you can see how the veil looks from the back. It falls straight down, and the sheer fabric allows the shape of the dress and my styling of my Miku wig to be seen through its single layer.


Photographer: Astro Zombie Photography

If I ever cosplay Black Vow Miku again, I definitely want to use this veil again! After wearing this veil a few times, I can tell it’s high-quality. There’s no fraying or snags in the fabric and lace! What do you think of this veil? Have you ever worn a veil before?

If you would like to purchase something from SteampunkWEAR, you can use the discount code “ALICE” for 10% off!

Feel free to take a look at this mourning veil in the following photo albums:


Photographer: Astro Zombie Photography

Thanks so much for reading! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.



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