Alice au Pays du Salève


Photographer: Studio du Petit Oiseau


As some of you may know, I spent my spring semester studying and interning abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. My last two days in Geneva was spent photoshoot-ing with the amazing Studio du Petit Oiseau. I worked with them a few times over the course of my semester abroad, and every photoshoot was a lovely experience. This will be a photo-heavy post because I love too many photos from this set!


I wanted to write this blog post earlier, but did not find the time to finish this post until now. Looking back at these photos brings back lovely memories of sunny days spent outside… I still miss living in Europe. Genève, tu me manques! _DSC7019

Basically, here is how these photoshoots worked out: I took a bus to the Swiss/French border, and that’s where Studio du Petit Oiseau met up with me. For the Alice au Pays du Salève shoots, we drove up Salève (a mountain, which I called my home mountain throughout my stay since I could spot it from anywhere in Genève) each day to shoot. The first day was difficult since there was a mysterious car rally going on; I’m still not sure what was happening to be honest. The next day, we went up the mountain and were able to take many more photos.


“Mais je n’ai nulle envie d’aller chez les fous”, fit remarquer Alice.
“Oh ! vous ne sauriez faire autrement, dit le Chat : Ici, tout le monde est fou. Je suis fou. Vous êtes folle.”
“Comment savez-vous que je suis folle ?” demanda Alice.
“Il faut croire que vous l’êtes, répondit le Chat ; sinon, vous ne seriez pas venue ici.” 

-Alice au pays des merveilles


And now, let’s look at some of the photos from the second time we went to Salève! (And this was my last day in Europe. The day after this shoot, I flew back to the United States!)


In the background of some of these photos, you can see Lac Léman and Genève~!


This shoot was part photoshooting and part sight-seeing…

_DSC1467w _DSC7027w _DSC7035

It was really cold up in the mountain! I should have brought a warmer jacket with me… (Down in Geneva, it was really hot. What a stark contrast in temperature!)

_DSC1454wSalève is definitely one of my favorite places. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful, and I feel like I could go there 100 times and still never get bored of looking around._DSC1412 _DSC1429w _DSC1405“Alice au Pays du Salève” is what Studio du Petit Oiseau named this photoshoot. I thought it was such an adorable name, since it’s a play on the French title for Alice in Wonderland, “Alice au pays des merveilles.” This blog’s name is Alice in Lolitaland, so this title is too perfect.

Merci beaucoup, Studio du Petit Oiseau!


Aren’t these cows so cute? The time spent photoshooting on Salève will always be in my memories, even if they feel like dreams now. If I ever return to Switzerland, I definitely want to visit Salève again. Is there a place you wish you could return to?

Check out my Facebook albums for more photos from these two photoshoots: First album & Second album.


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Parc des Bastions Photoshoot


Photographer: Studio du Petit Oiseau


Studio du Petit Oiseau is an amazing photographer! I had the honor to work with him during my time studying abroad in Switzerland. Working with him was a great experience in many ways. The most important thing I gained was self-confidence. I gained self-confidence in different areas: posing/modeling and speaking. I did not think I was fluent in French, but I gained more confidence in my French speaking skills over the course of the semester.


Studio du Petit Oiseau and the other photographers I worked with all spoke French, so all of my photoshoots were, in fact, francophone. I was shocked when one of them asked if I was French; they knew I was a student studying in Switzerland for the first time but didn’t realize I was American. Studio du Petit Oiseau knew I was American but complimented my French and also gave me valuable advice. He was patient when I asked questions, kept an open mind, and was a pleasure to work with!  edit_DSC3180web

The purpose of this particular photoshoot was to get good photos for the hair accessories that were sponsored. Read my Captain Miaow product review for more info about that!


This photoshoot was my first time working with Studio du Petit Oiseau and my first time modeling abroad! I requested this location: Parc des Bastions. The academic building with most of my classes was literally in this park.


I’ve done homework while sitting on this bench before:


Some of these photos are edited, but some are un-edited, by the way! You might be able to tell the difference. Even the unedited photos look amazing though!


If you want to see more photos from this shoot, check out my Facebook album! The album only has edited photos, so hopefully I can find time to edit more photos in the future. I may update the album far in the future though… (But late is better than never, right?)



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Mohu Store: Crochet Flower Headband Review

square button

Mohu Store sponsored this lovely crocheted flower headband for review. I love Mohu’s unique crocheted accessories, and this headband’s trio of cute little crocheted flowers caught my eye. Mohu shipped out the package from Canada, so it took a while for the package to arrive at my address, but it was a reasonable wait for international shipping. I have no complaints about the shipping!


The package can be seen above: no rips or tears. Even from the outside, you can tell that there is a box inside the package. Mohu Store has one of the cutest packagings I have ever seen, by the way! I love how they put everything into a little box tied with string and a cute doily detail. The Mohu Store tag on the string is an adorable touch! The box was functional as well as cute; it was secure and protected its contents well. 


Seriously, perfect packaging! 5/5 stars. The headband was safely nestled inside the box along with two adorable Mohu Store stickers and a note from Lauren: 

DSC_2169_Fotor_CollageThank you so much for the hand-written note, Lauren! ❤ I love personal notes like this one. The stickers are so cute too… >w< Now, let’s focus on the headband. The black headband itself is sturdy and the metal surface is smooth. The three crocheted flowers are securely attached to the headband, off-center. I checked the flowers, and it does not look like they will come off easily. I’m impressed by the quality of this headband!


The headband is also very comfortable to wear. I wore the headband all day (not just for taking the photos for this sponsorship). I wore the headband in the morning after washing my face, and I used it to keep my bangs out of my face when I applied my makeup. After taking photos, I wore the headband until I was ready to shower at night. The headband did not irritate me at all, and it did not have a slipping problem either. 


I love the crocheted flower design… It is simple but elegant and beautiful. This headband can be used for dressier occasions as well as casual days; it is very versatile! The red and pink yarn flowers are pretty easy to match with outfits too. 

Here is the coordinate I paired with the headband:


I am wearing an Axes Femme dress and an offbrand cardigan I snagged from a thrift shop. It’s a simple coord, but I think it goes well with the cute yet elegant headband from Mohu. 


You can purchase the crocheted rose flower headband here for $25.00! If you would like to place a custom order, you can contact Mohu Store here. If you have any questions regarding this review, do not hesitate to comment or message me! 

mohu logo

Please check out Mohu for tons of adorable things! I love their cute amigurumis. 

You can check out more photos of Mohu’s crocheted flower headband in this album on my Facebook page, Alice in Lolitaland.


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LBC: The Most Versatile Lolita Item I Own


The most versatile lolita item I own would definitely be a blouse! Blouses can be worn under JSKS or with skirts, and blouses can also be used for ouji coordinates. I am not sure which blouse I have is the most versatile one, but after some minutes of thinking, I decided that my most versatile blouse is my black Fanplusfriend short-sleeved blouse.


I believe that this blouse is the most versatile item I own because it can be used for a variety of different substyles: sweet lolita, classic lolita, gothic lolita, and even casual lolita. It has a simple design and the color is solid black (no other colors work their way into this blouse). The simplicity of this blouse makes it easy to match with different styles, as long as the color black works for the coordinate. Black is an easy color to match too! If the blouse was blue or red, for example, it would be harder to mix and match. In addition, the short sleeves make the blouse ideal for summer heat, and it can be layered with a bolero or cardigan for the autumn or spring, plus with a jacket or coat (plus a scarf and gloves) for winter!

Here are some previous coordinates using this blouse:

MA Lolita Contest_Collage



943713_10100278562780239_608462281_nMy most recent coordinate with this blouse was for the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Grand Opening in New York City. It was a really hot summer day, and I did not want to deal with the high-collar design of this blouse, so I unbuttoned the top buttons. As you can see below, the blouse still looks decent even though I didn’t button it all the way to the top! It worked quite well for the heat.



Here are some detailed photos of my beloved blouse:



So how about you? What is the most versatile lolita item that you own? And if you are not a lolita, what is the most versatile clothing item that you own?


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Some Casual Coordinates (so far, from 2013)

Warning: Photo-heavy post ahead!

My goal this year was to wear Lolita at least once a week. At the beginning of 2013, I was not doing so well with my goal. But in March, I was able to wear Lolita once every two weeks at least, and in April, I was able to wear Lolita every week, even twice a week at times! ^-^ I hope I can continue to wear Lolita every week, and hopefully I’ll be able to wear it more often as time goes on. (Since I returned home from college though, I was unable to wear Lolita every week. I’ve been busy unpacking, plus I had a convention recently, so I was busy cosplaying. And now I’m busy re-organizing my stuff and cleaning up. But I hope to try wearing Lolita once a month at least, and then work my way back to once a week!)

I’m really happy with the following coordinate, but I threw it together really last-minute to help out a friend with a project for her photography class.

DSCN2225 DSCN2222

I am wearing just a headbow, a Fanplusfriend OP, random white knee socks, and white tea parties. I have minimal accessories, very little makeup (just lip gloss and eyeliner), and a casual wig. Unfortunately, I was really tired and slightly grumpy, so I think the bags under my eyes are pretty bad… But besides that, plus the whites not really matching, I think the coordinate is alright. In the future though, I’ll be folding the large parts of the bow back. The second time I wore this headbow, I folded the top parts back and, in my opinion, it looked better that way.


Above is a photo of what the headbow looks like with the top part of the bow folded to the back. (Photo courtesy of Tasya Ward.)

I’ll post some of my favorite casual coordinates now; feel free to ask questions regarding my coords! I will not be posting full descriptions of every coord.

Here are some of my favorite casual coordinates from this year, so far:


All offbrand! The blouse was found for $2 from a yard sale, the JSK is from Bodyline, I do not remember where the socks are from (I have had them for a long time), and I believe the shoes are from Marshalls. I love those Mary Jane flats! They’re so comfy and there are built-in arch supports. Oh, and my mom made the belt! ❤


The JSK is from Taobao’s Chess Story. I love this JSK so much! It’s so comfortable and I love the print. I am also wearing my first wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs in this picture! It’s in the color Wine Red, and I have to say, it is my favorite wig. The hair bow was a hand-me-down from my mom; she used to wear bows when she was my age.


Here is what I wore during a late-night study session. It was cold out at the time, so I wore my warm fuzzy hat! The whole coord was black and white themed, and I was wearing my black winter boots. The boots aren’t exactly loliable, but I think they work fairly well. I definitely needed those boots though… The ground was slippery and it was chilly out. :c


Here is a casual coord I wore during a particularly spring-y day. I am wearing my favorite color: red. The shoes are darker than my t-shirt’s shade of red, but I still really love those shoes. The coordinate isn’t perfect, but I really enjoyed wearing it.


Above is what I wore on Valentines’ Day. The rain boots do not match at all… but it was a rainy day. Lots of puddles. Actually, I don’t even have those rain boots anymore because they ripped and became useless. In any case, I like the blouse and the skirt together, but I don’t like the way the headbow is sitting on my head. I think I might try coordinating this again, but with better shoes, tights, and perhaps wear a wig or re-attach the bow so it sits more flat rather than standing straight up.

More recently, I tried coordinating the above skirt again when some of my college friends and I went to watch Iron Man 3 at the cinema.


In this casual coordinate, I am wearing a button-down summer blouse (off brand, thrifted) with tattoo tights and my favorite mary-janes. I put my hair in a simple half-ponytail, held by a pink-and-white scrunchie.


Above is another casual coordinate, using the lovely landscape JSK from Lady Sloth. I paired the JSK with a cream-colored t-shirt, cream socks, and dark brown water-resistant ankle boots. (It was another rainy day. Sorry about the lame mirror shot! I wasn’t able to ask anyone to take a photo of me that day but I wanted to record this casual coordinate.)

International Lolita Day is this Saturday, but I am unable to attend any meet-ups. I will still try to dress up in a Lolita coordinate though! It will probably be a casual coordinate… but I will try my best to dress up in Lolita nevertheless. ^-^

I will try to make another post with my favorite over-the-top coordinates soon!