Parc des Bastions Photoshoot


Photographer: Studio du Petit Oiseau


Studio du Petit Oiseau is an amazing photographer! I had the honor to work with him during my time studying abroad in Switzerland. Working with him was a great experience in many ways. The most important thing I gained was self-confidence. I gained self-confidence in different areas: posing/modeling and speaking. I did not think I was fluent in French, but I gained more confidence in my French speaking skills over the course of the semester.


Studio du Petit Oiseau and the other photographers I worked with all spoke French, so all of my photoshoots were, in fact, francophone. I was shocked when one of them asked if I was French; they knew I was a student studying in Switzerland for the first time but didn’t realize I was American. Studio du Petit Oiseau knew I was American but complimented my French and also gave me valuable advice. He was patient when I asked questions, kept an open mind, and was a pleasure to work with!  edit_DSC3180web

The purpose of this particular photoshoot was to get good photos for the hair accessories that were sponsored. Read my Captain Miaow product review for more info about that!


This photoshoot was my first time working with Studio du Petit Oiseau and my first time modeling abroad! I requested this location: Parc des Bastions. The academic building with most of my classes was literally in this park.


I’ve done homework while sitting on this bench before:


Some of these photos are edited, but some are un-edited, by the way! You might be able to tell the difference. Even the unedited photos look amazing though!


If you want to see more photos from this shoot, check out my Facebook album! The album only has edited photos, so hopefully I can find time to edit more photos in the future. I may update the album far in the future though… (But late is better than never, right?)



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