Lychee the Label: First Haul

Top and Skirt from Lychee the Label

Have you guys heard of Lychee the Label? This brand was launched in 2019 and features Asian streetwear. Many of their styles are inspired by K-Pop! I really love the punky and edgy clothes that they have.

Another plus is their adorable logo…! I love lychees! Read on to see my review of my first haul from them.

Everything was shipped quickly, and the packaging was on point. Each clothing item was tagged and packaged in a zippered bag. I appreciated that the chains came separately, each in its own ziploc style baggie. That way, there were no damages during shipping.

Anise Chain Detail Bustier Crop Top

The first item is the Anise Chain Detail Bustier Crop Top! This is a super edgy yet cute top in a sexy bustier style. I really love the square neckline and the puffed sleeves! I rate this item ★★★★★!

Tiramisu Chain Detail Skirt

The second item I got was the Tiramisu Chain Detail Skirt. This skirt is super punk and is complete with a slit on the side, grommets, zippers, buckles, and a detachable chain! This works really well for punk and goth looks as well as edgy K-Pop inspired looks. It’s really comfortable and high-quality too! I rate this item ★★★★★!

Latte Adjustable Side Slit Plaid Skirt

The last item I got was the Latte Adjustable Side Slit Plaid Skirt. This is very similar to a skirt I got from YesStyle: the Cutout-Side Pleated A-Line Skort that I reviewed here. However, this Lychee the Label one is superior quality. The fabric is thick and high quality, and the buckle is easy to use and feels very sturdy. It’s also accurately listed as a skirt/over-skirt, so no misunderstandings about what the product is. If you want to style it with other items, Lychee the Label has plenty of options you can style it with. I decided to style all three together for a fun look! I rate this item ★★★★★!

All 3 items!

It’s a punky yet feminine look. I love it! Just wore it in quarantine, so haven’t worn it outside at all, but I’d love to wear this someday in the future to a convention, a photoshoot, or a concert. (Maybe for a future KCON…?!)

I give all the items a ★★★★★ rating! Everything is impeccable quality, and I highly recommend this brand to street fashion and alternative fashion lovers. The size chart is accurate as well; for reference, all items I got were size Medium and I chose this size by comparing my measurements to their size chart.

What do you think of these products? If you’ve shopped from Lychee the Label before, please let me know! I’d love to see your hauls too. ^_^


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I went to my second K-Pop concert recently! My first one was Friday night of KCON 2016. The concert I went to recently was none other than B.A.P’s PARTY BABY: NYC Boom~! It was an amazing event, although I spent the bulk of my time waiting in line. I didn’t realize it was a standing venue until I was already en route to the concert… (I should have worn my regular sneakers instead of my wedge sneakers… Oh well.) Here are mirror selfies of my outfit:

Fun fact: The cat ear headband and wedge sneakers were the same ones I wore to my first concert.

For this B.A.P world tour, there were dress code options set by each of the members.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.42.10 PM.png

It ended up being Himchan’s night~! For my outfit, I was trying to fit the ROSE theme as well as the SEXY & SPECIAL one.

They had a “bar” set up, and it was really cute. Himchan took his time selecting the winner, and the other members kept urging him to hurry up! The SEXY & SPECIAL girl Himchan picked was someone with really pretty pink hair (and a cool handbag!). The girl got to go on the stage and hang out with the members a bit at the “BABYz LOUNGE,” pictured above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I met so many cool people in the line outside the concert! I even snagged a $1 light stick that a fan was selling. She made a ton of light sticks out of foam, and they were really light and easy to carry, and they also lit up green! There were also tons of freebies being passed around: fan signs, cards, and more.

It was amazing seeing all the Matoki light sticks in the crowd! Look at all the green bunnies~!

Unfortunately, all my photos are really blurry since I was really far away; I bought the cheapest ticket. I used my phone camera on maximum zoom to capture most of these. The only song I captured on video in its entirety was Wake Me Up since my arms were too tired to hold up my phone above other people’s heads for other songs (although I did catch snippets).
Watch my fancam of B.A.P’s Wake Me Up performance!

You can also check out my fancam of Feel So Good. I might upload more fancams later!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My bias in B.A.P has been Zelo ever since their debut. I was sad they didn’t perform debut songs like Warrior or Power, but B.A.P has so many amazing songs, so it makes sense they can’t perform everything. My favorite performance was definitely the Wake Me Up one! This concert was also the first time I heard Zelo’s solo song. It was really pretty! I also thought all their outfits were on point!

And of course, I need to do a rundown of my own outfit… It was my first time wearing this MARS set out! The last time I wore it was literally just in my dorm room at college.

Here’s a coord rundown of my outfit for the concert:

  • Headband: Forever 21
  • Necklace: Vintage
  • Earrings: Claire’s
  • Top & Skirt: MARS
  • Tights: Offbrand
  • Wedge Sneakers: Guess


If you were at the concert, please share your experience too! I’d love to hear about the B.A.P concerts in other cities too.


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KLensPop: Magic Eye Heva


KLensPop sent me these beautiful circle lenses: Magic Eye Heva circle lenses. ❀❀❀ You can use the coupon code “WDK6RW1D” for 10% off your order from KLensPop! (Use code by May 31, 2015) ❀❀❀ Here is the circle lens info from their website:

Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year (Max)
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

If you want to see how these lenses are packaged, please check out my Bunny Color Brown reviewKLensPop sponsored me both sets of circle lenses at the same time, so they were shipped in the same box. I assure you: the shipping was reliable and no items were damaged. I was very pleased with the packaging as well!


Above, you can see the front and back of the box that these lenses and the lens accessories came in.


All lenses from KLensPop come with a lens case and a tweezer. I don’t use the tweezer because I prefer to use my fingers, but if you like using tweezers to handle your lenses, the option is available to you! These lenses are beautiful and I can’t decide if I like these lenses or the Bunny Color Brown lenses better… They’re both such great brown circle lenses! In comparison to the Bunny Color Brown ones, the Magic Eye Heva circle lenses are generally darker in color.


And now, for my circle lens ratings!

Overall: ☆☆☆☆☆ This circle lenses are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to wear them again (probably this weekend ^_^)!

Style: ☆☆☆☆☆ The design is beautiful. The outer rim is a rich dark brown. It’s not a solid limbal ring since it fades nicely in the center to a yellow-toned golden brown. The clear space in the center doesn’t obstruct my vision at all, even when I roll my eyes.

Enlargement: ☆☆☆☆ The graphic diameter is 14.2 mm, so this does enlarge my eyes quite a bit. Since there is no black limbal ring, these lenses look fairly natural. If I wear them out in public, I don’t think people will stare at me.

Color: ☆☆☆☆☆ I love this rich brown color! The accents of golden-brown in the center look really nice too, and they look slightly different depending on how the light hits my eyes.

Comfort: ☆☆☆☆☆ These are so comfortable! They’re just as comfortable as the Bunny Color Brown lenses. I couldn’t even feel them in my eyes after applying them; the only eye-related discomfort I felt was from my false lashes… which has nothing to do with the circle lenses. If you want comfy lenses, I would highly recommend the Magic Eye Heva circle lenses.

(☆ = Most negative/Not good at all, ☆☆ = Not that good, but okay ☆☆☆ = Neutral/No opinion/No answer, ☆☆☆☆ = Great, ☆☆☆☆☆ = Most positive/Fantastic!)


I also decided to try my hand at a video review (for the first time!). At the end of this review video, I talk about what I did for the makeup look featured in this WordPress post. Please comment with any suggestions you may have for videos in the future!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! Feel free to check out my reviews for these other lenses from KLensPop:

Make sure to look at my Facebook album for more pictures! If you want to buy some lenses from KLensPop, use the coupon code “WDK6RW1D” for 10% off.


My outfit!


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