Winter International Lolita Day 2017

Winter International Lolita Day 2017 took place on Saturday, December 2 this year. I figured I would write a post about this before 2017 ends since it was a fantastic day! It was my first time truly twinning too… I’ve never twinned with a print before!


The night before the meetup, I was last-minute coord-ing (at past midnight). You can see my full planning photos on Tumblr.

Me and Victoria of ParfaitDoll twinned in Powder Rose: same colorway, but different dresses. I love this Angelic Pretty print, and was really happy when I was able to purchase it secondhand from a friend!

There were a bunch of different meetups happening in NYC for International Lolita Day, but I attended the meet that was at Sweet Time Dessert Cafe in West Village. It was such a cute location for International Lolita Day! Powder Rose fit right in at home.

Everyone there adored the rose wall. The desserts all looked so cute too! I had the mousse dessert shaped like a heart (and we called it the “butt” because it also looks like a peach… or a butt). The bubble tea was delicious too! I actually had two bubble teas: a jasmine green tea with peach bubbles one, and a Thai tea one with brown sugar bubbles.

If I had more money, I would have bought more desserts for myself. I wanted to try all the desserts there… Even though I only got one dessert, Victoria and I took bites of each other’s treats too! Her roll dessert was really cute!

It was really cold outside (in my opinion), so I regret not wearing my trusty old L.L. Bean winter jacket like I always wear in the wintertime. The reason I opted out of that jacket is because it’s solid black (and not loliable at all), so I wanted to wear a sweet style coat. The coat I chose to wear was this short coat from Liz Lisa.

It’s really cute, and I love the bows on it! It’s not very warm though… And I was wearing so many layers that day to make up for it. Thermal shirt, thermal tights, regular tights, knee-high fleece socks, a long-sleeved blouse, my huge multi-layer Classical Puppets petticoat… And my wig counts as an additional layer, right?


Photo from Tara: group photo!

Luckily, it was nice and cozy inside the dessert cafe. The giant bear by the window at the cafe was the most popular…! Everyone wanted photos with him.

Check out this funny video me and Victoria made!

from Tara.jpg

Photo from Tara

Even people who came to the cafe outside our meetup wanted photos with the bear and against the rose wall!

from Christina.jpg

Photo from Christina

Below, you’ll see a cute photo collage Christina made of me and Victoria and our adventures at the meetup. The last panel is my favorite one! Victoria was complaining about terrible customer service at a nail salon she had tried. Her face is perfection.


Photo Collage from Christina

It was super fun to twin, and I hope I can find someone to twin with again! This meetup was super fun, although it ended in pain and tragedy: both soles of my Bodyline boots came off. First, the right side. And then later on, the left side. It was really difficult to walk, but I was able to make it back home somehow. I’ll probably try to glue the soles back on and then minimize wearing them. (Maybe just wear them for shoots?) I’ve had similar negative experiences with Bodyline shoes so I’m hesitant to buy them again.

In any case, here’s my coord rundown:

❀ JSK & Canotier: Angelic Pretty’s Powder Rose

❀ Hairbows: Offbrand

❀ Earrings: Orisian

❀ Blouse: BTSSB

❀ Rings: Offbrand

❀ Necklace: Claire’s

❀ Tights: Offbrand

❀ Shoes: Bodyline

❀ Coat: Liz Lisa

Thanks for reading!


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My First Time Twinning

Before heading home from college, I had the opportunity to twin with one of my new Lolita friends! We dressed up in matching split-wigs and matching Fruits Parlor Replica OPs from Bodyline. We wore different socks, accessories, and shoes, but I hope we still look like Lolita twins! It was fun doing an OTT Sweet Lolita coord again.

Here is a photo of us twinning together:

ImageI really love my friend Megan’s cute fluffy hair accessories, barrettes, and mini-bows! We are wearing different hair accessories, but we have the same large headbow, and we both added a ton of hair things to decorate our wigs. Our wigs are not identical, but they are similar; they are both pink and blonde split wigs with ponytail falls. My wig is a few inches longer than Megan’s wig, and the curls’ shapes are slightly different. The tones of the pinks and blondes are also different, but they are close enough to show that we are twinning, I hope! I really wanted to wear wrist cuffs to match with Megan’s wrist cuffs, but unfortunately, I only have these brown x pink wrist cuffs. I hope the brown isn’t too noticeable… If I ever make or get plain pink wrist cuffs or pink x black wrist cuffs, I’ll be sure to coordinate this again, and try to coordinate everything better.

As for socks, Megan modded her socks and added cute cherry charms! My socks are really old socks I’ve had since early middle school… but the pastels work great for Sweet Lolita!

We are both wearing Bodyline shoes, but Megan is wearing white rocking horse shoes, and I’m wearing black platform heels. The shoes seem very opposite, but I think both shoes work well with these coordinates.

I really hope I can twin again in the future! Twinning is a lot of fun. ^_^


I’ll be making posts soon compiling my favorite casual Lolita coordinates and my all-out Lolita coordinates from 2013 (so far)!