Kawaii Box Giveaway & Review

Have you ever heard of Kawaii Box? It’s a monthly subscription box that is full of curated kawaii goodies from Japan. They offer free shipping worldwide, and you can check out their past boxes on their website. Kawaii Box was kind enough to sponsor a box for me to review, and they are also sponsoring a giveaway! You can enter the giveaway here. ^_^

I haven’t made a YouTube video in a very long time, but I made one for this box opening! Check out a live video of the box opening here.

Read on for a written version of my box opening, including photos…

Even the box that Kawaii Box ships out is adorable! I love the adorable pink print.

Upon opening the box, I was pleased to find another adorable print on the interior, and everything is wrapped in cute tissue paper and comes with a little pamphlet explaining all the items in the box.

Soooo many cute pastel things! I love everything in this box.

The pamphlet with Kawaii Birthday Home Party has a list of all items included in the box and explains each one. I love this touch, especially because without the pamphlet, I wouldn’t have known what the box of soda candy was or that the purple candy-shaped thing wasn’t candy but was actually a highlighter.

I almost missed the pen, but found it at the bottom edge of the box and took another photo of the pen with the sakura washi tape! These are two of the kawaii stationery items included in the box (along with the highlighter and pencil sharpener/eraser set). I really love collecting stationery, so I’m excited to use these.

Have you ever tried the Kawaii Box? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments. ^_^


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