YesStyle: Photoshoot Haul

The haul!

Not everything in this YesStyle haul was used for a photoshoot, but two outfits were (and some may be used for shoots in the future) so I figured I’d call this the Photoshoot haul. On top of any sales going on at the moment, use the code “3PEARLS” to get an additional discount off your entire order! ^_^

Bunny Costume Set from this haul

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Onto the reviews!

  • Wild Cat – Bunny Lingerie Costume Set – ★★★★☆ – My first costume purchase from YesStyle! I’ve always wanted to try wearing a bunny girl costume but never got around to it. With the cheap price of this costume, I figured it was a good time to try! It is high-quality and comes as a full set: bunny suit, ears on a headband, necktie, wrist cuffs, and thigh-high stockings are all included. The reason it’s 4 stars and not 5 stars is I don’t like how it buttons under the crotch. I assume they designed it this way (like a bodysuit) so it’s easy to go to the bathroom, but the buttons are uncomfortable.
  • FlorSwallow – Wings Detail Knee High Socks – ★★★★★ – Such cute socks!! I love the wings on these knee high socks.
  • 80PERCENT – Cherry Print Lace Trim Spaghetti Strap Mini Bodycon Dress – ★★★★☆ – This dress is super stretchy and really cute! It’s shorter than I expected though. It’s really a MINI dress. I haven’t worn it outside yet, just for a photoshoot. I will probably only wear this dress at home since it’s too short for my comfort level.
As you can see, the Cherry Print Dress is really short.
(Photographer: Brett Rotondi)
  • chuu – Pleated Mini Skirt – ★★★★★ – This skirt is so comfy and cute! I love pleated skirts. The size chart is accurate, which was a relief. The items I have from Chuu are super high quality.
  • Oranda – Lace-Up Hot Jeans (Shorts) – ★★★★☆ – These are cute and nice quality but run small. The size chart isn’t totally accurate. I had to suck in my belly to zip and button it up; if you buy this, I’d recommend you go up one size from what it says on the size chart if you want to be comfortable. I haven’t worn these yet because they’re too tight to wear comfortably. 😦

If you decide to shop at YesStyle, be sure to use my friend code “3PEARLS” to get an additional discount off your entire order! Happy shopping~!


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Alice au Pays du Salève


Photographer: Studio du Petit Oiseau


As some of you may know, I spent my spring semester studying and interning abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. My last two days in Geneva was spent photoshoot-ing with the amazing Studio du Petit Oiseau. I worked with them a few times over the course of my semester abroad, and every photoshoot was a lovely experience. This will be a photo-heavy post because I love too many photos from this set!


I wanted to write this blog post earlier, but did not find the time to finish this post until now. Looking back at these photos brings back lovely memories of sunny days spent outside… I still miss living in Europe. Genève, tu me manques! _DSC7019

Basically, here is how these photoshoots worked out: I took a bus to the Swiss/French border, and that’s where Studio du Petit Oiseau met up with me. For the Alice au Pays du Salève shoots, we drove up Salève (a mountain, which I called my home mountain throughout my stay since I could spot it from anywhere in Genève) each day to shoot. The first day was difficult since there was a mysterious car rally going on; I’m still not sure what was happening to be honest. The next day, we went up the mountain and were able to take many more photos.


“Mais je n’ai nulle envie d’aller chez les fous”, fit remarquer Alice.
“Oh ! vous ne sauriez faire autrement, dit le Chat : Ici, tout le monde est fou. Je suis fou. Vous êtes folle.”
“Comment savez-vous que je suis folle ?” demanda Alice.
“Il faut croire que vous l’êtes, répondit le Chat ; sinon, vous ne seriez pas venue ici.” 

-Alice au pays des merveilles


And now, let’s look at some of the photos from the second time we went to Salève! (And this was my last day in Europe. The day after this shoot, I flew back to the United States!)


In the background of some of these photos, you can see Lac Léman and Genève~!


This shoot was part photoshooting and part sight-seeing…

_DSC1467w _DSC7027w _DSC7035

It was really cold up in the mountain! I should have brought a warmer jacket with me… (Down in Geneva, it was really hot. What a stark contrast in temperature!)

_DSC1454wSalève is definitely one of my favorite places. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful, and I feel like I could go there 100 times and still never get bored of looking around._DSC1412 _DSC1429w _DSC1405“Alice au Pays du Salève” is what Studio du Petit Oiseau named this photoshoot. I thought it was such an adorable name, since it’s a play on the French title for Alice in Wonderland, “Alice au pays des merveilles.” This blog’s name is Alice in Lolitaland, so this title is too perfect.

Merci beaucoup, Studio du Petit Oiseau!


Aren’t these cows so cute? The time spent photoshooting on Salève will always be in my memories, even if they feel like dreams now. If I ever return to Switzerland, I definitely want to visit Salève again. Is there a place you wish you could return to?

Check out my Facebook albums for more photos from these two photoshoots: First album & Second album.


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