K-Beauty Products from YesStyle: Skincare Edition

In today’s post, I’m going to go over my favorite K-Beauty skincare products from YesStyle. These are all products I’ve used and absolutely love! If you shop at YesStyle, be sure to use my code 3PEARLS for an additional 5% off your order — yes, you can layer this on top of any ongoing sales and discounts!

  • NEOGEN – Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine – I’ve been using this product for about 2 years now, and I love it! It’s a gentle gauze that you can use for a gentle at-home peel. I’ve never tried a peeling facial at a professional salon, so I’m not sure how this compares to a professional facial, but it works great for my sensitive combination skin. I’ve never found any irritation. The gauze also is 2-sided so you can choose which side you want to use (or you can use both!). So easy to use and it’s super fast so you can do it even when you’re short on time.
  • BANILA CO – Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original – This is my favorite cleansing balm product! It’s creamy and gentle, and it even removes stubborn waterproof eye makeup. It hasn’t irritated my eyes like some other makeup removing products. Highly recommend using this as a first step of cleansing, and then using your face wash or cleanser of choice as a second step at night.
  • LANEIGE – Water Sleeping Mask – This is my favorite sleeping mask and I use it every winter! I’m currently using their lavender version, which one of my friends gave me as a birthday present. This is the original version, which I used last winter. You apply this mask as the last step of skincare at night, and it doesn’t feel like a mask — it feels more like a moisturizer. It absorbs quickly into the skin and it doesn’t get messy; you don’t have to worry about the mask getting on your pillow when you sleep. In the morning, you wash your face with water and you’re done!
  • MAY COOP – Raw Sauce – I sometimes try other toners, but this is one of my all-time favorites! I love that it’s a combo toner, emulsion, and essence. It’s literally 3 steps of the Korean skincare routine combined into 1 step! Perfect for busy days where you just want to use this and your moisturizer and you’re done.
  • COSRX – Acne Pimple Master Patch Set – Whenever I see acne popping up, I stick one of these patches on and it’s gone the next day or within two days (I use the patches at night). So convenient! It’s also great for travel since you can bring one of these with you without any issue in your carry-on bag. The patches are basically round stickers and you stick one on top of the acne.
  • NEOGEN – Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam Green Tea – This is my favorite cleanser! I’ve been trying lots of different cleansers, but I want to go back to this one. It’s a gentle foaming cleanser that makes your skin feel fresh! I love that there’s real green tea leaves in the bottle. Such a cool touch! The foaming dispenser works fantastic as well and always gives you the perfect amount to cleanse your whole face with just one pump.
  • THE FACE SHOP – Real Nature Face Mask – One of my favorite sheet masks! The Face Shop Real Nature series has so many options. My personal favorites are the aloe, green tea, honey, lotus, rice, and tea tree masks. They’re so easy to use — just open them up, put one on your face after your toner, leave on for 10-15 minutes, and then remove and pat the remaining essence into your skin. Be sure to save the packets too — there’s always extra essence in there which I use on my neck and arms.
  • COSRX – Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence – This essence is an affordable product featuring luxury ingredients. It absorbs quickly into the skin, and is safe for sensitive skin (it’s fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any paraben, artificial color, and other unsafe ingredients. There’s 96%. concentration of snail mucus extract in it.

Which of these K-Beauty products have you tried? Let me know what your favorites are in the comments. Use my code 3PEARLS for an additional 5% off your order at YesStyle. Happy Shopping!


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Review: Klairs Moisture Rescue Skincare Line

WishTrend sent me a set from the Klairs Moisture Rescue line to review! This is my first time reviewing skincare products, so I’m very excited to share this review with you. Here are the products that I will review:

– Rich Moist Soothing Mask

– Supple Preparation Facial Toner

– Rich Moist Soothing Serum

– Rich Moist Soothing Cream

You can buy the toner and serum together as a set here: Injection of Moisture Kit.

The skincare set was shipped in a sturdy cardboard box. All of the products were safely tucked away in bubble wrap:


Everything was safe and sound! The Klairs Moisture Rescue line is used for intense hydration, which makes it great to use during the dry winter months.

What is my skin like?

I have combination skin: dry skin in some areas, but my T-zone is usually oily and prone to acne. My skin is also very sensitive, and I’ve been dealing with bouts of eczema all my life. Eczema comes and goes… Luckily, I haven’t had too many cases of eczema on my case this past year (although I have eczema on my legs and arms fairly often). Let’s see how well these Klairs products worked on my problematic skin…

Onto the review! 


I will review the products in the order I used them. First, I used the Supple Preparation Facial Toner after washing my face with my normal cleanser. This toner promises to hydrate skin, neutralize skin surface impurities, and reduce skin inflammation (and therefore reduce redness).



The toner bottle even comes with a handy stopper that prevents leaking. This stopper is easy to remove, and it is easy to moisten a cotton ball by tipping the toner bottle. I love the packaging of this toner!


This toner has a soothing scent that reminds me of freshly watered plants, and it has a smooth texture and feels like water. I applied it all over my face with a cotton ball.


After applying the toner, I used the Rich Moist Soothing Mask! This mask is made from 100% pure cotton and contains half a bottle of Rich Moisturizing Essence.


When I first placed the mask on my face, it felt nice and cool and had a pleasant fragrance. There was a lot of liquid on the mask, so I wiped the excess liquid (that was on my hands from the mask application) onto my neck. A few minutes later, I felt a slight tingling sensation. I kept the mask on for about 15 minutes. When I took off the mask, there was no stickiness. My skin felt smooth and moist, and by gently patting the remaining essence into my face, the essence was quickly absorbed. It was a very refreshing face mask experience! I highly recommend this face mask.


The next step: the Rich Moist Soothing Serum. This was my first time using a serum! On the WishTrend website, this serum is described as a “magical skin care serum that makes your skin softer and replenished with moisture.” It is recommended for sensitive skin, dry skin, red and/or irritated skin, and flaking/peeling skin. It may also prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.


The container for this product has a pump for easy sanitary dispensing. The pump even comes with a cap that slips on and off smoothly!

DSC_0023The serum itself is a thick clear liquid that feels like gel. It feels cool upon application and absorbs quickly into my skin. My skin immediately feels soft to the touch! Since this is my first serum, I have nothing to compare it to. In any case, I have no complaints with this serum and I love it! It also has a nice light fragrance. 

And now this brings me to the final step: the Rich Moist Soothing Cream. This rich moisturizer is formulated for normal to dry skin. It is marketed as a cream that has a calming and soothing effect on irritated skin. It can be used as a night cream, or as both a day cream and a night cream. There is no SPF in this cream though, so if you use it during the day, wear sunblock too!



This moisturizer has a creamy texture that does not feel oily. When I apply it to my skin, it absorbs easily and makes my skin feel so soft! It has a mild fragrance, which I think smells lovely; it’s not too strong of a scent.


After using this moisturizer for a few days, I know for sure that I have no reaction to it. I have extremely sensitive skin, so this is a great discovery! (I’ve had reactions to well-known drugstore brands such as Maybelline and L’Oreal, so I have to be careful when trying new products.) Thanks to this cream, the skin on my face does not feel too tight and dry, despite the terrible New England winter winds. If you want a great moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and hydrated, check out this cream!

Definitely check out WishTrend for tons of amazing skincare products as well as makeup products! Let me know if you buy anything or have any reviews for different products. Check these Tumblr posts for exclusive Wishtrend coupon codes! For more recommended shops, click here. ^_^ Feel free to ask me any questions!


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