About Me

About Me.

I just updated my About Me page. And why, hello there! This is my first post. ^-^

I’m new to WordPress, so hopefully I can figure out how to navigate all of this soon. I will be using this blog to keep track of my Lolita coords and update this blog with Lolita-related things. I love all the Lolita fashion styles, but I think my favorites are Classic Lolita and Gothic Lolita. (I just love Lolita so much in general.)

I recently started to build my Lolita wardrobe. I currently do not own any brand, but I am making my first brand purchase soon (and I’ve been on the lookout on the EGL Comm Sales for good deals).

I also made my first Taobao purchase (for both Lolita and cosplay wigs). I personally think Taobao is a great shopping place since many things are so cheap. I am a Lolita on a budget, after all. And I couldn’t resist purchasing purchasing two wigs (one is a cosplay wig, and the other is an “everyday wig” that I will be using for both cosplay and Lolita). Both wigs were really cheap; one was the equivalent of about $5. When I receive the package, I will write reviews about the products I purchased as well as the shopping service I used.

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