[LBC] What Do You Like Best About Your Wardrobe


This is an easy question to answer! The thing I love best is the variety of substyles I can pull off with my wardrobe.


Coord for my first lolita meetup!

At first, when I discovered lolita fashion, I fell in love with the gothic substyle. However, I had difficulty finding gothic lolita pieces that I could afford. I found cute secondhand sweet lolita at affordable prices (Bodyline, handmade, taobao, and eventually, affordable secondhand brand too)… And unexpectedly, I got into sweet lolita. It was too tempting to pass up the great deals (especially the adorable pieces I snagged from Mbok!). And I have always loved sweets… so sweets-themed things stole my heart. Over time, I was able to acquire some pieces that worked well for gothic lolita, and I did ponder leaving sweet. I thought about it…  If I sold off my sweet lolita pieces, then I would have more money to spend on gothic lolita, right? But… I didn’t want to let go of sweet. I might leave it eventually, but for now, I want to keep sweet lolita as part of my wardrobe. And honestly: is there any reason why I should choose one substyle over another? Nope!


From Sweet…

LILI6-2+copy copy

…to Gothic. (Photos by Vannak Photography)

My wardrobe is kind of all over the place, which can be annoying at times (like when I’m looking for a certain barrette or necklace but can’t find it because there’s too many all in the same box…). All in all though, I am happy to have the variety of styles in my wardrobe. I can wear different lolita styles and have fun dressing them up (OTT) or down (casual).

Feel free to check out the slideshow below for examples of my current wardrobe!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you like best about your wardrobe, lolita or otherwise?


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