GothicLolitaWigs Customer Coordinate Showcase

ImageI sent in some photos to GothicLolitaWigs thinking I did not have a chance of getting into the showcase… but somehow, I did! You can see the post here. I am so happy and still in slight disbelief over this. ❤ I have a $10 coupon/voucher now too! Not sure when to use it though… It won’t expire until July, so I think I have some time. 


The coord in the showcase was the coord that I wore to my first Lolita meet-up. ❤ I have only purchased one of their wigs, but I love that wig so much! I don’t think I’ll ever sell it because I love the way the fibers feel and how comfortable it is to wear. I also LOVE the wine red color. It’s my dream hair color, but my mom forbid me to ever dye or highlight my hair… But I don’t mind that much because I am warming up to wigs more now. 🙂 I remember how a year ago I hated wigs, but now, I don’t mind them. I would love to purchase another wig or two from GLW if there is a worthwhile sale. (And if I save up enough to afford it… xD)

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