Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Dream Vacation

I recently joined the Lolita Blog Carnival and I am really happy that I am making my first post! ❤


Your Lolita Dream Vacation – Tell us about it! Where would you go, what would you pack, what sort of things would you do? Or maybe you’ve already gone on your Lolita dream vacation? 

My dream vacation… ❤ My Lolita dream vacation would definitely be a trip to France. I’ve been studying the French language for the past six years, and I continue to pursue my French studies to this day, but to be honest, I am not sure how fluent I am in this language yet. I will have to go to France and see how well I fare there with my knowledge of the language. In any case, my Lolita dream vacation would be spending a few weeks in Paris, France!

I would pack one or maybe two Lolita coords to bring with me, my French notebook, my French grammar notes, my personal journal (I will have to record my trip! <3), a cute notebook to scribble poems in (maybe I’ll try writing poems in both English and French), a sketchbook or two, and my laptop.

Once in Paris, I would definitely do some sight-seeing. I want to see La Tour Eiffel, L’Arc de Triomphe, Le Louvre, Le Notre Dame, and more! If an excursion is possible, I would take a side trip to visit Versailles. ❤ I really want to see the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. And I would probably listen to the song “Et Vice Versailles” on repeat during the bus ride or train ride to Versailles because I love that song so much, and I remember joking that I would listen and sing along to that song on my journey to the Palace if I ever got the chance to go to Versailles. xD I love that song so much… And if I had this dream vacation, I would see Le Roi Soleil live, but I doubt that would be possible since I don’t think this musical is still being performed. Maybe I would be able to see another French musical live?

In any case, here is another thing I would definitely do during this Dream Vacation: eating delicious French pastries for breakfast every day. ❤ I want to try as many pastries and desserts as possible. And I’d also like to get a fresh baguette at some point. 🙂 And drink some afternoon at a cute little French café somewhere. Oh my goodness, now I’m daydreaming about delicious food… Sigh~

And if I am going to be in Paris… I might as well visit a Lolita store or two! I’ve never been to a Lolita store before, but I’d really love to go to one someday. During my Lolita dream vacation, I would visit the Baby the Stars Shine Bright store in Paris, and maybe visit stores like Boddywood, Capsule Tokyo, and Harajuku. If I had the money, I would buy some Lolita things! But if not, I would content myself with window-shopping. All the beautiful Lolita things…~<3

And that would be my Lolita dream vacation! ❤

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Hellobatty, EdibleRainbows


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