A Peek Inside Your Closet


This week’s LBC topic is “A Peek Inside Your Closet~!” In preparation for this prompt, I snapped some photos of my closet’s interior earlier this week.

When you look into my closet, here is what you see:


Most of my lolita clothes are hung up here, but I also have loliable shirts and cutsews folded in my drawer. I keep my socks in a plastic container, and my tights are stuffed in a hanging closet organizer. Most of my accessories are in a plastic organizer that sits on my dresser or in a plastic bag hanging in my closet.

Luckily, my dorm has a roomy closet and lots of hooks for hanging things on!


I hang up plastic bags on the hooks around the perimeter of my closet and keep small items in the bags, such as headbows and gloves. I also hang belts and hats on the hooks. My jewelry is stored in a metal tin or in the plastic organizer. I keep my petticoats in a jumbo reusable tote bag.

Guess how many petticoats I have?

Here are some cute peeks at what my closet looks like from below:

On the left is Dreamy Pony from BTSSB! ❤ I snagged the JSK and headbow from the EGL Comm Sales. It was my first purchase on a payment plan!

Not everything that is hanging here is lolita. (Although most of them are loliable items!) I hang up things that will get wrinkled if I fold them, or delicates that I would prefer to hang up than to fold and store in a drawer.


That houndstooth thing on the left is my beloved coat. ❤ Unfortunately, it isn’t warm enough for the winter weather… I can only wear this coat in the fall or spring. (I can wear it in the winter if I wear my winter jacket over it… But then it looks really awkward.) The strap that is hanging down is a belt from one of my favorites shirts. It’s a charcoal gray button-down shirt that has a few layers of button holes for a faux-layered look. It isn’t loliable, but I love wearing that shirt when I’m not in lolita.

I wish I had the time to lay out all the items in my wardrobe and snap photos of them, but unfortunately, my final exams were this week and I did not have any time to take more photos before I had to leave my dorm for break.

I do have some recent mirror-photos of some favorite items from my wardrobe though! I am wearing them, but I am not wearing them for the purpose of a coordinate. Some of the items were the first bids I won from Mbok auctions. Please excuse my mess of a dorm in the photos below… (and the terrible blurry quality).



1) I am wearing my Soft Cream skirt from Bodyline! I bought this skirt as part of my first direct order from Bodyline. It’s such a cute sweet lolita skirt… I love the ice cream print. ❤ I am also wearing a cute cutsew that I found in a Parisian department store during my time studying abroad!

2) One of my first Mbok wins! I will write a blog post about Mbok later. One of my friends introduced it to me… and it is a beautiful place full of great deals! I purchased that white bonnet (but I am not sure if I like the way it sits on my head… I haven’t worn it out yet; I only tried it on to snap this photo), which is my first full bonnet, but I think I would prefer a stiff bonnet over a floppy one. I am wearing another Mbok win in this photo: the Lillie Laine JSK from BTSSB. It has detachable waist ties, cute heart-shaped buttons, and a very flattering (and comfortable) fit. Thank goodness for shirring… 

3) BTSSB’s Dobby Cherry JSK is another dress that I won from my first Mbok haul. I love the cherry print! The waist is cinched in this JSK style, which I love. The skirt fits either a cupcake-shaped petticoat or an A-line petticoat, so this dress is very versatile. (Again, thank goodness for shirring! It fits comfortably, and I don’t have to suck in my stomach.) The socks I’m wearing are from a local store; they are just plain white OTKs.

4) I am wearing a skirt that is technically no longer part of my wardrobe because it is up for sale. It is a skirt I love though, because it has a fully shirred waistband and is made from very easy-to-care for fabric! I love the purple plaid ruffles that contrast against the black fabric (and there are even two cute little bows). This skirt is very comfy, but I am selling it because I do not think it fits well into my wardrobe. I do not have much purple, so it is hard to bring out the purple of the trim. In the past, I have paired this skirt with a purple sweatshirt for a casual look. The bolero I am wearing in this photo is something I have only tried on in my room and have never worn out. It is my first h.NAOTO item, and I am saving it. I am not sure why I am saving it, to be honest… But I suppose a part of me is afraid to wear it randomly. I want this bolero to be part of a nice coordinate!

I hope you had fun taking a peek into my closet~! ❤ I am sorry about the lack of blog posts lately. I have been very busy with academics, but now that I am on winter break, expect more posts to be on their way! If you have any requests for a specific post, just let me know.

I also entered the Gothic Lolita Wigs Muse for a Weekend Contest, and I would really appreciate your vote. ^-^ I hope I can make it to Round 2! Round 1 ends on Sunday, so please vote for me soon. Thank you~!


~Be sure to read other blog posts on this topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival! 

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