LBC: Personal Lolita Goals For 2015


Personal Lolita Goals For 2015

  1. Join the Lolita Blog Carnival more often! I feel like I did not write that many posts this year because I’ve been so busy with academics.
  2. And this point relates to the previous one: Blog more on WordPress in general. I feel like my posts lately have only been either review posts or Lolita Blog Carnival posts. I hope I can blog more, without the need for prompts. Maybe I can write more about my personal thoughts or blog about events I attend! I also want to expand my reviews. Maybe I’ll review makeup products! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
  3. Take more photos of casual coordinates! I rarely take photos of my casual lolita coords. I want to show that I do wear lolita casually sometimes, and in these cases, I don’t wear makeup (or I just wear minimal makeup) and I don’t wear wigs. I don’t really style my hair, and honestly, I never did even when I had long hair. I have to admit: I’m lazy when it comes to my real hair! I usually wear a hair accessory when I wear casual lolita, even if it’s just a small bow or a cute barrette.
  4. Take some lolita fashion risks. I really want to try punk lolita, for example. I am scared to try, but I want to go ahead and do it at some point! I also want to take more lolita risks in styles I already wear. Maybe wear a winter scarf and winter gloves with a coordinate. Or layer on different sweaters for a Mori-inspired lolita look.
  5. Make videos for YouTube. I have a YouTube channel, but there are only two videos on there at the moment. And they are both a year old. …So I should really try to upload new videos. Maybe I can make a wardrobe video post? Or show off details from some favorite lolita pieces? We’ll see.


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