Review: Sweet Pink Dreams

Sweet Pink Dreams sent me a package of lovely items! You should check out their shop for cute items~! They sell kawaii handmade accessories as well as new and pre-owned Japanese stationery. They even sell awesome false lashes!

The package I received in the mail looked like simple brown packaging, but when I opened the outer layer, I found a Priority Mail bubble mailer. Even though the outside layer got dirty during transit, the Priority Mail mailer was a clean inner layer that protected the contents well.


Inside the Priority Mail package was another layer of protection: a cute plastic bag with a spider print!


Here are the contents of the bag:


The package included two jumbo puffy hair bows, two sets of eyelashes, one bat necklace, two sweets rings, and one twin-star brooch.

Here are the two sets of false lashes:

They are both really cute! I love the designs~! I usually prefer dramatic spiky lashes over the simple one-length lashes.

Here are the rings:


They’re both covered in a glaze of glitter! So they’re sparkly and shiny. I think they’re both cute jumbo rings that would work well with sweet lolita or fairy kei (or just casually when you want to add some cuteness to your outfit!).

Check out these cute accessories:


They both remind me of cookies! The twin-star brooch has rhinestone details and an adorable string of pastel faux pearls. The bat pendant is a vibrant lime green and the necklace chain has miniature stone beads accenting the area near the pendant. Both the brooch and the necklace pendant are covered in glitter! The glitter didn’t shed too much, which is great; I think the glitter will stay on even if you wear the accessories for long periods of time.

Here is a photo of the two bows with flash:


And without flash:


The bows are both very puffy, and they feel soft, not hard. The clips in the back are sturdy and attached securely to the bows. I love these bows!

SweetPinkDreamsIf I had to choose my favorite item out of this lot, it would be the bow I wore for the above look. Take a look at Sweet Pink Dreams; I’m sure you’ll find things you like! Check out my Facebook album for photos of these products.


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