LBC: What Would You Like In Future Prints

lbcThis week’s prompt is what I would like to see in future prints… And I know exactly how to answer this!


My dream print is a snake print because snakes are my favorite animals. I’ve been searching for a snake print, but I have yet to find one. If you know of one, please let me know! I think it would be so cool to have a snake slithering up the skirt in the design! Another cool idea would be to have the snake circling the hem of the skirt (perhaps even biting its tail like the Ouroboros?). My dream dress with this print would be in a black colorway, with the snake printed in gold. Perhaps with gold flecks in the fabric as well? This would be really pretty as a JSK, with lace-up detailing in the front. Detachable waist ties would be a plus!


Another print idea would be a forest theme with different animals, including at least one snake! An underwater theme would also be really cool… With a water snake, of course!

I can even think of cute sweet lolita print ideas with snakes. A pastel print with snakes wearing different hats would be too cute!! (Google snakes with hats if you have no idea what I’m referring to. My heart melts every time I see a snake wearing a hat.)


I just really want to see a snake in a print. It could be a skirt, JSK, OP (or all three!). I think snakes are the most beautiful animals. ❤ (The above photos are of snakes at Zoo Zürich in Switzerland!)

In the photo below, I threw all of my snake jewelry together for the coordinate! This was what I wore on Halloween in 2013. I had a snake bracelet, a snake ring, a snake necklace… I’m always on the lookout for snake-themed items to wear.


I hope that someday there will be snake lolita prints!


As for other things I would like to see in future prints… I want more macaron prints! Macarons are my favorite desserts and I think they look adorable. Prints of macarons in boxes, prints of macarons piled on a platter, prints of someone eating macarons… Maybe even a print of the sky raining down macarons! There are already some macaron prints out there, and I own one JSK that has macarons in the print, but I would love to see more macaron-centric prints.

What would you like to see in future prints? Is there something you want to see more of? Feel free to comment below!


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3 thoughts on “LBC: What Would You Like In Future Prints

    • You love snakes too? 😀 Most people I know dislike snakes, are scared of snakes, or feel indifferent toward them. Corn snakes are so precious !! <33 I really want a snake print… -sigh-

  1. Ah, I love snakes, too! I think they are just so cute. I really, really like the ouroboros design idea and would totally buy a dress with that on it. That seems like a fantastic border print. Maybe you can find someone who can screen print to print that idea on a plain skirt/dress…

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