[Review] Laneige Oil Free Liquid Cleanser

Today, I am reviewing the Laneige Oil Free Liquid Cleanser. I got this for free when I purchased the Laneige BB Cushion last year!


Here is the product description from Target’s website:

“Gentle and effective. Specially formulated without oil, fragrance or alcohol to deep-clean and remove makeup from even the most sensitive skin. Purifying hyacinth and anti-oxidant rich green tea protect skin while invigorating lemon and peppermint extracts leave it refreshed, smooth.”


~ Pros ~

  • Great packaging
  • Very gentle; no negative reaction
  • Does not dry out skin
  • No scent

~ Cons ~

  • Does not remove waterproof eye makeup (but it does remove BB cream!)
  • Not sure how well it cleanses my skin

Read on for more details…

DSC_0145 copy.jpg

I love the packaging of this cleanser! It’s very practical: the clear bottle allows you to see how much product is left, the pump is quick and easy to use, and there is even a tab for the pump so you won’t spill the product when you’re not using it.

DSC_0151 copy.jpg

This cleanser has absolutely no scent; it literally smells like nothing. I’ve never tried a truly scentless cleanser before! The texture is watery and does not lather into a foam. I’ve been using this cleanser since I started using the Laneige BB Cushion, but it is not the only cleanser I’ve been using since I’m not sure how well it cleanses my skin. I’ve continued to use my normal foaming cleanser (which I still need to find a better alternative for since it dries out my skin…). What I’ve been trying to do is use this Laneige Liquid Cleanser all over my face, and use the foaming cleanser only for my T-zone.


As you can see above, this cleanser is very watery and it has no color. This is a decent cleanser and I have no issues with it, but I think it’s overpriced. I don’t think I will purchase it in the future, unless I see it at a cheap price (or if I can snag it for free again!).

Check out my review for the Laneige BB Cushion too! Do you like Laneige products?



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