FashionKawaii: Bunny Princess


Have you heard of the shop FashionKawaii? It’s an adorable Storenvy shop with a great selection of fashion items. If you’re interested in purchasing something, use the coupon code “pearlpeony” for 10% off!

Recently, I styled two items from this shop together in an outfit inspired by the idea of a Bunny Princess! Here are the two items featured in this outfit: Sweet Floral Chiffon Dress and Kawaii Rabbit Ears Coat.

I’m working on a review for the Chiffon Dress, which will be posted soon. In general, I am pleased with both of these items! They’re really cute both separately and together.


The coat is not warm enough for the dreary New England winter, but it would be a great coat for springtime or autumn… (Or for an abnormally warm winter day. xD) The coat is lined, but the lining has a lot of loose threads. I was shivering in this outfit since I’m usually bundled in thick jeans, winter boots, a thick sweater, a cozy scarf, and my trusty old winter jacket in this type of weather.

But… this coat is so much cuter than my plain all-black winter jacket. My favorite part of the coat is the hood with the bunny ears!


For this outfit, I tried something new: normally, I wouldn’t go for this kind of look with a floral dress. The Sweet Floral Chiffon Dress would be great for a hime gyaru or roma gyaru coordinate, but I didn’t feel confident in my wardrobe to be able to pull off one of these looks. I tried to think of something cute I could coordinate with this dress, and I wondered if it would work with the Rabbit Ears Coat. The coat definitely brings out a quirky and cute feel to the dress that the dress wouldn’t originally have! Along with pastel accessories such as the macaron necklace, floral bows, and boots, I think the outfit comes together nicely as something a Bunny Princess would wear on a casual day. I never thought I would throw these two items together in a coord, but I am glad I did! I hope I can have more fun with coordinates in the future. I’m not sure which substyle this look would fit into, but hey, who cares? Playing around with fashion is fun!


What do you think? Do you prefer the Dress or the Coat? I would love to hear your opinions!

I would also like to take a moment to thank Grace from the local Lolita community for taking these photos for me. I appreciate it!



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