LemonyLemon: Rings

LemonyLemon, an Etsy store run by Emma Lehmann, was kind enough to sponsor a batch of adorable rings!

Emma mailed me a package via International AirMail. This bubble mailer kept all the rings safe during their international travel!

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Here is the bundle I found inside the mailer:

DSC_2167_Fotor_Collage As you can see, the bubble wrap and plastic bag keep all the rings in one place. Emma said you can use the coupon code “ALICE15” when you shop at LemonyLemon~! Don’t miss out on this great deal. Anyone is welcome to use this code.


I was very pleased with the care Emma took to wrap her products. Each individual ring was wrapped in tissue paper. This is the first time I have seen someone do this! Nothing came damaged.

all the rings

These rings are so colorful and each piece is unique! The pastel rings would be perfect for sweet lolita and fairy kei, and the gold rose ring would be lovely for gothic lolita and classic lolita. I love the details on the cookie rings! These rings would also look super cute with casual wear.


Now, onto how I styled these rings… I chose a few pastel rings to wear with a sweet lolita coordinate.


The pastel rings, especially the sweets rings, match the OTT sweet lolita aesthetic so well~! I really love the rings’ combination of pastel colors and bold colors. The pink bow ring has a really cute purple detailed band that makes it stand out. I think that one is one of my favorite rings!


All of the rings are adjustable, which is great. You can bend the bands to fit your fingers. My fibers are really skinny, so unfortunately, most of the rings were loose. They fit on my thumbs, but I don’t like wearing rings on my thumbs. Wearing them on my other fingers was fine; I just had to be careful. If I waved my hand too enthusiastically, the rings would fly off. But these rings are really sturdy! When the rings fell off and hit the ground, they didn’t break.


I am really impressed by how well-crafted these rings are. I was really scared that they would break after smashing into the ground, but everything was in tact and the band was easy to bend back into a circle.

I used the gold rose ring as part of my Saturday coordinate for RuffleCon:


I already had a black rose ring from Forever21, so the gold rose ring was a lovely addition to my coord. I love the cute band on this gold ring!~ It’s in the same style as the pink bow ring.

Today, I decided to wear the remaining three LemonyLemon rings that I had not used in a coordinate yet. Instead of lolita fashion, I decided to try something different! I wanted something fun and more casual, but still cute. I also tried something new with my makeup.


Check out how cute this bunny ring is:


If you love these rings, please check out LemonyLemon! They also have hair bows, fake nails, and more. Remember you can use the coupon code “ALICE15” for 15% off!


I hope you found this post helpful!


Here is some extra info that Emma would like me to share with you all:

“I can do custom orders for nails and some accessories (I’ve done a few custom orders, such as 3D nails, a hair ribbon in a different colour, and earrings in different colour combos), so requests are always welcome. There’s not really an interesting back-story unfortunately, I started off doing nails as a hobby and people really liked them so I started up an Etsy store, which then eventually led to making clay charms, hair accessories, and some deco-den type of items. Things are just a tad slow at the moment due to my personal life, but I’m hoping to get more time in the near future to make more items and refurbish my store (ie. New logo and such).”



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Book-Inspired Coordinates


I am so excited about this week’s LBC topic: “Book Inspired Coordinations!” Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine, and I am still very pro-books! I know many people want to switch to e-Readers or reading things online instead of borrowing real books from the library or going book-shopping, but I still love the feeling of reading a book that is physically right in front of me. I like the feeling of turning each page, I like the smell of books (especially old books from those random yard sales or library book sales), and I love the personality of used books.

For this topic, I decided I want to post two coordinates. One that I wore last week (and was very much inspired by my love of books and reading) and one that I will come up with and post later (perhaps as a new post), that will be inspired by a specific book or book series.

First up: the book-themed coordinate!


I tried to achieve a classy and elegant look with this coordinate, inspired by my love of books, but more specifically, my love of classic literature. If classic literature could be personified into a Lolita, I hope she would wear something like this! It is hard to see in the photo, but I wearing a lovely vintage cameo necklace. It was such a great find at a thrift shop. ❤

I also love how long this JSK is on me; it reminds me of a high bookshelf, full of a variety of books spanning across time periods and genres. I like to imagine that every item on the skirt is a different book (but I know that there are repeats of the same book printed on the fabric… I can still dream though!).

Now when did I wear this book-inspired coord? For my friend Terry’s birthday party! Here are some photos from the event:


As you can see above, it was a windy (and chilly) day, but nothing could stop us from celebrating a friend’s birthday with lots of frills and fun! ^-^


The birthday girl even purikura’d this selca of us~! Isn’t she such a cutie? I hope she had a lovely time on her birthday!


But back to the book theme… I really love this JSK. ❤ The print even has metallic gold details! Just look at the detailing in the print: the spines of the books are so intricate. Wow, this blog post was truly all over the place. Sorry I haven’t been writing many blog posts! At least the Lolita Blog Carnival gives me a reason to remember to blog. It is difficult to find time for blogging when I’m bogged down with academic life. I will try my best to write posts more often!

I will write up some more about a coord inspired by a specific book or book series later!


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A French Lolita Tea Party

Since Miss Milly and I met in July (during my first time studying abroad), we have become pretty close friends even though we only knew each other for a short period of time. I was thrilled to meet another French Lolita! Besides Miss Milly, I also met a few other lovely Lolitas during my time studying in Paris, France. Miss Milly was kind enough to invite me over for a sleepover, and we had fun looking at manga, flipping through Lolita magazines, watching Kamikaze Girls, and painting our nails! We even spent time browsing through the wonderful items on Taobao. I also had the amazing experience of an authentic French dinner with Miss Milly’s family and family friends. In the morning after the sleepover, Miss Milly and I cooked and baked and set up a delicious and delightful tea party (for two)!

Here I am, making pancakes!

Look at all the food… ❤

I am really happy I had the chance to have a Lolita Tea Party with Miss Milly. This was a wonderful experience that I know I will remember far into the future! Image After the tea party, we took a walk to the local riding club. There were so many beautiful horses at the stables! ❤ I even got to see an adorable shetland pony, a llama (with totally crooked teeth), and an energetic goat!

Isn’t this horse beautiful?

We even had the chance to imitate Momoko from Kamikaze Girls! After all, it was not too long before we came across animal dung… (Ewww…. We do not approve. But it was a great photo opportunity! >w<) ImageImage Miss Milly is an amazing person, and you should totally check out her blog! The dress she is wearing in these photos is a dress that she made herself. She is truly a talented person! (She is also a cosplayer, and a lover of other Japanese street fashions such as Fairy Kei.) Update: I now have a Facebook page! Feel free to like the page if you want to stay in touch with me outside WordPress.