Kawaii Box Giveaway & Review

Have you ever heard of Kawaii Box? It’s a monthly subscription box that is full of curated kawaii goodies from Japan. They offer free shipping worldwide, and you can check out their past boxes on their website. Kawaii Box was kind enough to sponsor a box for me to review, and they are also sponsoring a giveaway! You can enter the giveaway here. ^_^

I haven’t made a YouTube video in a very long time, but I made one for this box opening! Check out a live video of the box opening here.

Read on for a written version of my box opening, including photos…

Even the box that Kawaii Box ships out is adorable! I love the adorable pink print.

Upon opening the box, I was pleased to find another adorable print on the interior, and everything is wrapped in cute tissue paper and comes with a little pamphlet explaining all the items in the box.

Soooo many cute pastel things! I love everything in this box.

The pamphlet with Kawaii Birthday Home Party has a list of all items included in the box and explains each one. I love this touch, especially because without the pamphlet, I wouldn’t have known what the box of soda candy was or that the purple candy-shaped thing wasn’t candy but was actually a highlighter.

I almost missed the pen, but found it at the bottom edge of the box and took another photo of the pen with the sakura washi tape! These are two of the kawaii stationery items included in the box (along with the highlighter and pencil sharpener/eraser set). I really love collecting stationery, so I’m excited to use these.

Have you ever tried the Kawaii Box? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments. ^_^


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Silly Sweet Shop: Jewelry


Silly Sweet Shop sent me an awesome package of sweet treats! 😀 Sweet wearable treats, I mean!~

They mailed it in a bubble mailer like this:


Inside, they left a sweet note on cute stationery, and they also included their business card! I love their business card design; it definitely shows off their style.


All their products were safely tucked away in the bubble wrap. When I ripped off the tape securing the bubble wrap and unfolded the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find adorable packaging! The two necklaces were in a drawstring pouch, and the bow and ring were in a cute plastic baggie that said “Handmade for you.” I’m saving this bag; it’s so cute!


In this package, I got a pink macaron necklace, a waffle bowl ice cream necklace, a pink drippy chocolate-and-sprinkles bow, and a bear drippy chocolate-and-sprinkles cookie ring. All of these items are super cute and have lovely detail! Both necklaces have a lobster clasp, which is my favorite type of clasp. I find it much easier to use than the spring ring clasp, and I always appreciate artisans who use the lobster clasp for their jewelry pieces.

Here are some individual shots of the items:

itemsI truly love ALL of these jewelry pieces! It is difficult to choose a favorite, but if I really had to choose, I would pick the waffle bowl ice cream necklace as my favorite piece. The detail in this sweets pendant is impeccable.


The waffle bowl looks realistic, the fudge looks perfectly chocolatey, and the cherry on top is an adorable touch. Red is my all-time favorite color, so I love seeing red cherries! The red really pops against the brown chocolate fudge.


For my styling photos, you may recognize the coordinates from this previous review. Since I am a full-time college student (who also works two part-time jobs), I’m extremely busy. I do not have much time to dress up anymore, and I definitely don’t have time for many photoshoots alongside my studies. I tried to work different pieces together when I did these outfits. I think the different elements go well together, thank goodness!


The detail on this bow is amazing! The chocolate actually does look drippy, and the entire bow is well-constructed.

bow copy

The chocolate and sprinkles are not loose. This is a very cute bow that can be worn for OTT coordinates as well as casual wear!

coordI wore the bow and the waffle ice bowl ice cream necklace with the above coordinate, but I can also wear these cute items to spice up casual pieces of clothing, such as jeans and a t-shirt. These accessories would also be perfect additions to a fairy kei outfit!

macaronI also want to talk about this adorable macaron necklace! As you may already know, I loveloveLOVE macarons!


I felt really cute when I wore this necklace! I want to start a macaron jewelry collection now… Macarons are delicious, but also look super cute as accessory motifs. ❤

And of course, I cannot leave out the adorable cookie ring:


This ring is a great size: it’s big enough to be easily noticeable, but it’s not too bulky. It’s very comfortable to wear, and the ring band is adjustable!


Here is a message from the owner of Silly Sweet Shop: “I have been a clay sculptor and crafter for six years now. I love JFashion very much, so much that I wanted to base my brand on Japanese pop culture fashion. I travel to many conventions selling my items, I love to bring joy and spread the word about how great JFashion can be.”


I hope you enjoyed reading my review! Please check out Silly Sweet Shop; I am sure you’ll find items to fall in love with. Here are links to the items in this post: Chocolate Sprinkle Hair BowCoco Bear Cookie RingWaffle Bowl Sundae NecklaceStrawberry Macaron Necklace. Silly Sweet Shop now has an Etsy store as well, so check that out too!


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