[LBC] Interview With A Fellow Lolita: Terry

This week’s prompt is “Interview With A Fellow Lolita.” I wanted to interview my friend Terry, who was one of my first friends I made in the Lolita fashion community. I’ve looked up to her for many years, and admire how she always finds so much joy in Lolita fashion. Read on to learn more about Terry’s Lolita lifestyle!

Q: How did you discover Lolita fashion?                

A: I discovered Lolita fashion when I watched a Japanese drama called Mendol Ikemen Idol. One of the girls from drama, named Minami Minegishi, dressed in old school — she so cute when she dress up!

Q: What’s your favorite part about wearing Lolita?

A: My favorite part of wearing Lolita is when I dress up, I feel so cute and pretty. I love ruffles and laces.                            

Q: What’s your favorite Lolita fashion memory?

A: My favorite Lolita memory is RuffleCon. I do miss rufflecon because I miss all my friends from east coast who’s into fashion like me.          

Purikura of me and Terry!

Q: What are your top 3 tips to new Lolitas?

A: Indie brands, or they could order form Taobao resellers, Bodyline, and Lacemarket secondhand. Look through history and do more research and try to look your best.                            

Q: What’s your least favorite part about Lolita fashion?

A: My least favorite part of Lolita fashion is corset lace — it’s hard to breathe.

Q: How do you create your coords?

A: Makeup, blouses, jumperskirt, wig, headpiece, petticoats, OTK, and shoes as long as it matches with the coordinate.                      

Q: What’s your favorite Coord?

A: My favorite coord is bittersweet. I love bittersweet because I love a little bit of dark and light into it.                                

Q: What’s your favorite brand and why?

A: My favorite brand is Angelic Pretty because I love their cut and print that could make stand out.  

Q: What’s is your favorite activity to do while wearing Lolita fashion?

A: My favorite activity while I’m wearing Lolita fashion is to have a nice Lolita community host a meetup for tea room and a trip to botanical garden.

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