Lolita Blog Carnival: Frill-talia!

Frill-talia: An outfit inspired by a country


As a huge fan of both Hetalia and Lolita fashion, I am really excited to write this Lolita Blog Carnival post~!

The country I am choosing to coordinate an outfit for is…


I want to try to come up with a Qi Lolita coordinate on my own for China, but here are examples of Qi Lolita for those who are unfamiliar with it:

From Fanplusfriend –

From R-Series –

Here is the Qi Lolita coordinate I came up with for Frill-talia:


Blouse!Β – Chinese-styled Lolita blouse (Mandarin collar and Chinese buttons!)


Skirt (black colorway) from Bodyline! – Floral details, high-waisted

For hair, I would go with a Chinese double bun style! Cute hair accessories would be a floral headband or flower pinned to the hair. Maybe a faux peony hair clip?

And then for shoes, either black mary-janes or black Chinese silk slippers.

For final accessories, I’d throw together cute bracelets with macrame knot details and maybe a necklace with a pretty jade pendant.

Sorry about the messy post! (Really busy this weekend and I’m in a huge rush…)

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