Wardrobe Challenge: Take One Staple Item and Make 5 Different Outfits


This Week’s Prompt: Take One Staple Item and Make 5 Different Outfits

Unfortunately, I’ve been extremely busy this past week, so I was unable to think about this week’s LBC prompt until today. So, I rushed to make 5 different outfits using one staple item. The staple item I chose to use is a JSK, since I know that most beginner Lolitas invest in a good petticoat and a JSK. (And 5 different outfits involving one petticoat as the staple item would be quite random, right?) A JSK is also one of the most distinct Lolita items; it is difficult to find a loliable dress that would work as a JSK in a typical department store or commercial shopping center. 

The JSK I chose to coordinate for this wardrobe challenge is a BTSSB dress that I have not worn yet! 

1) Keeping it Black

For this first coordinate, I decided to stick to the JSK’s base color: black. To keep it simple, I decided to use the matching headbow for this JSK, plain black tights, and offbrand shoes with cute bows on them. For a purse, I used a casual bag from Lesportsac. I love this types of bags because they are roomy (lots of pockets) and are really durable for excursions (they are water-resistant, from my experience!). I know that this bag is not a Lolita bag, but I do think some bags are loliable. (And if the bag does not match at all, then leave the bag out of coordinate photos~ … The bag I usually use does not match any of my outfits. xD And my school backpack does not match anything either… unless I’m wearing something red, perhaps.)


2) Something for the Summer

Here is a more summery coordinate! I paired this JSK with a breathable ivory blouse. Then, I swapped out tights for ivory ankle socks with cute lace, and I used comfortable black mary-jane shoes. The strap that goes across the top of the foot is an elastic band, and the soles of the shoes are very flexible as well. The molding of the shoe has a built-in arch support! This is definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes because of how comfortable they are. They are really breathable, so they are fantastic for the summer. There’s good traction… so they are comfy on long walks! 



3) Classy Coord

I apologize for the blurry photo! It looked clear from my camera’s preview screen… For this coordinate, I have a sheer black blouse under the JSK, and a black cardigan with macrame detailing over the JSK. I used black lace tights and high-heeled platform shoes for this coordinate to dress it up a bit. The purse I chose is a cute shiny purse with a fuzzy bow on the front. The headbow for this coordinate is an Angelic Pretty headbow with little white pearls. I would love to wear this outfit to a party or fancy dinner! 




4) Getting Sweeter

I used the same sheer blouse from coordinate #3 because I wanted a black blouse to help the pink macaron necklace pop! I wanted to use a pastel pink vintage hairclip for this coordinate: it’s a really cute jumbo hairclip with two fabric roses and generous ruffles! I also have a pink heart-shaped ring as part of this coord (and I can add other rings to this coordinate as well… maybe some black and pink ones!). A heart-shaped pink bag sweetens up the look, and then I have pastel pink knee high socks and black shoes to finish off the coordinate.







5) Cute and Elegant

I tried to go for a look that was both cutesy and elegant. I chose a BTSSB pink cutsew to wear under the JSK, and then an elegant handmade bow-clip to wear in my hair (or perhaps in a wig). The pink macaron necklace adds to the cuteness, but I used a pair of beige vintage gloves with adorable rose detailing to pull the elegance into the coordinate. Beige knee high socks hopefully play off from the beige gloves, and then of course, I need my comfy mary-jane shoes in case I have to do lots of walking. I had fun playing with the clash between cute and elegant for this coord!











These black wrist cuffs from Bodyline would match any of the above coordinates! They are simple but pretty.





I modified the above faux fur hat by adding two little bow clips. If it is cold out, this hat would work with any of the above coordinates! It would keep my head nice and warm… and if it was really cold out, I would wear a wig first, and then wear this hat over my wig. Two layers of warmth! 

I know these coordinates are not the best, so I hope I can re-do this challenge when I have more time. For now, I’m happy that I was able to make 5 coordinate in half an hour! 



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