PennyDreads: Strawberry Jam


Photo by Studio du Petit Oiseau

My wig sponsor Penny Dreads sent me this adorable Strawberry Jam wig. You can see my first review for them, for their Miss Tea wig in Black/Gold, in this blog post. If you want to buy something from Penny Dreads, use the coupon code “XIAORAWR” for 10% off!

Here is the package that arrived in my mailbox:


Upon opening the package, I found an envelope with a glittery pink heart sticker and, of course, the wig nestled neatly in a plastic bag. Inside the envelope was a cute Thank You card! This card was a sweet touch… Thanks so much, Penny Dreads! There’s no need to thank me; I should be thanking youwig

The wig came with a hairnet, which is great! I love hairnets because they keep the wig fibers from getting tangled during transit (and during storage!). The color of the wig is a dark blonde dip-dyed in raspberry-red! I like how the dip-dye is not too stark. It looks natural, as the blonde hue fades into the red. There are even little dip-dyed bits on the bangs!


The inside of the wig has the Penny Wigs tag and adjustable elastics. As you can see in the above photo, there are many wefts; it’s a nice thick wig!


My favorite shot!

I had a photoshoot featuring this wig with the photographer Studio du petit oiseau. I absolutely love the resulting photos and I hope you love them too! You can see more photos from the photoshoot in this Facebook album. All the photos from here until the end of this post are credited to Studio du petit oiseau.


The wig is really comfortable to wear! It doesn’t feel tight or loose, and since the wig circumference is adjustable, I’m sure it’ll fit you too (use the hooks on the inside of the wig). The wig fibers are soft and smooth, and the waves are gorgeous. I did not have to cut or style this wig at all; I wore it straight out of the bag. The bangs are great for a sweeping bang style! If you want straight bangs, they would be easy to trim to your liking. Since the wig is thick, you can’t see my real hair color or wig cap from the back of the wig (which is an issue with some wig brands!).


I really love the transition of colors in this Strawberry Jam wig! The raspberry red is also deliciously vibrant. Penny Dreads has other colorful wigs, so definitely check them out for a variety of gorgeous wigs. They also sell hair extensions, half wigs, and dreads. Check out their Clearance section for awesome deals! You can also use the coupon code “XIAORAWR” for 10% off your purchase. What’s your favorite wig from Penny Dreads?


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