[LBC] 2017 Lolita Resolutions


Time for some Lolita resolutions! To be honest, I still need to figure out my 2017 resolutions (in general). So far, the only general resolution I have is to be healthier and try to get more sleep.


Resolution: EAT ALL THE DESSERTS (just kidding but I’ll probably eat lots of sweets anyways)

Luckily, Lolita resolutions are somewhat easier to write.

  1. Wear Lolita at least once a month! I definitely want to get back into this habit of mine that I had during college. I remember sometimes I would wear Lolita weekly! I definitely want to get more use out of the pieces in my wardrobe.
  2. Sell pieces that I don’t see myself wearing. I have a bad habit of being a packrat… Not just when it comes to Lolita. I’m a packrat in general. I don’t like letting things go. If they don’t fit me anymore, I’ll donate them. But for items I like, I always hang onto them even if I barely wear them. I really need to look at my lolita wardrobe and try to give away or sell pieces that I don’t see myself wearing. Even if I love the item, that doesn’t mean I should keep hging on to it. (Especially since I love almost EVERYTHING.) One thing that will make this resolution difficult is the fact that I do not have access to a printer… Also the post office is so much more inconvenient now than it was when I was in college. No more nice campus post office. 😦 And for those who know me IRL, you’ll know the extreme stress the post office has given me ever since I moved.
  3. Meet more Lolitas! I really want to meet more Lolita friends, both online and offline. I find that I tend to lurk in the Lolita community online, but I’d love to talk to and interact with more Lolitas. tumblr_o1178xWe491u83thio1_500.png
  4. Wear some more casual Lolita coordinates. Again, I wore Lolita more often at college, and therefore, more types of coords emerged. I want to wear more casual Lolita coords and also wear my Punk Lolita pieces more often. Hopefully I can move my whole wardrobe to me soon (although I have no idea how they’ll all fit in my puny room but I’ll figure something out).
  5. Get some more jewelry/accessories? I feel like I’ve been re-using the same jewelry and accessories over and over and over. Which is fine with me, since I love the ones I have, but I should spice things up a bit. The issue is budgeting and saving up so I can get some more Lolita things to add to my wardrobe. I haven’t purchased anything in 2017 yet, which is good since the year just started. I’m paying off medical bills at the moment due to lots of recent health issues/procedures, so hopefully I won’t be struggling in future months. January started out as a big roller coaster ride.

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That’s all I can think of for now, but it’s better than nothing. Happy New Year, everyone, and I hope you meet your resolutions!


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3 thoughts on “[LBC] 2017 Lolita Resolutions

    • I have a Casual Lolita tag on my fashion tumblr: http://lapetitepomme.tumblr.com/tagged/casual+lolita Casual Lolita is more dressed-down/less elaborate. People define “casual” lolita differently; it depends on the individual. For me, it means simple and more comfy (no makeup or minimal makeup, cutsews or t-shirts or knit cardigans — basically more casual types of fabric, no wig, etc.). Yes, I live in the US! I think it depends on where you are and what kind of community is in your area (if at all). In my hometown, there was no community so I didn’t meet any Lolitas. I first discovered a Lolita community during college, since the area around my college had a small but very welcoming community.

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