LBC: Your Signature Look


This week’s theme is Your Signature Look! I’m not sure what my signature look is since I dabble in different substyles of lolita. Even within the realm of sweet lolita, I have a varied style: I sometimes wear casual sweet, OTT sweet, or classic sweet. One thing I noticed that is consistent throughout most of my coords is this fact: mix of brands! I usually coordinate a mix of brand, offbrand, and sometimes vintage for my lolita outfits.

Here are some examples of coordinates that feature my “signature look:”

ILDwinter 2014

Here is my coord for the 2014 winter ILD meetup. My JSK is from Innocent World, but the blouse and socks are from different Taobao brands, the shoes are offbrand, the hat was commissioned from an Etsy seller, and the jewelry and gloves are vintage. The pieces from this coordinate came from a wide variety of places.


This coord features a JSK from Chess Story, with a Metamorphose blouse, offbrand jewelry, and offbrand socks and shoes. The parasol is offbrand as well, but I borrowed that from a friend. The roses and bow are all offbrand too! I enjoy incorporating offbrand items into my coordinates since I don’t wear lolita every day. The offbrand pieces I have are easier to coordinate into casual outfits or other alternative fashion styles in addition to lolita fashion.


This coordinate has a JSK and headbow from BTSSB, but the socks and shoes are offbrand and the blouse is from Fanplusfriend. The jewelry is offbrand and the wrist cuffs are from Bodyline. The dangly hair clip is from Sweet Mildred.


Here, you have my favorite coord from the summer! This coord has a lot from Angelic Pretty (salopette, headbow, and tights), but you can also see other brands represented. The cutsew is from BTSSB, the jewelry is offbrand (from an artist that makes lots of cute fairy kei jewelry), the umbrella is offbrand, and the shoes are offbrand.

Here are some other coords:








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4 thoughts on “LBC: Your Signature Look

  1. I like to use a mix a off brand and vintage in my coords too, I think it makes an outfit much more personal! I would also say your style is cute, fun, and full of character – you look like you have a fun approach to life and like to tell a story through your clothes, I could be way off here, but that’s what I see!

    • I agree! Offbrand and vintage can make a coord more unique~! 😀 Thanks so much for your feedback. I do like to tell a story through my coordinates, so I’m really happy you pointed that out. ❤

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