LBC: 3 Favorite Brands and Why


This week’s prompt is 3 Favorite Brands and Why (Japanese, Taobao, and Indie). It’s really hard for me to pick clear favorites since I always have multiple favorites… but I’ll name the first favorite that pops into my mind from each category!

Favorite Japanese Brand

My favorite Japanese brand is hard to choose, but the first thing that pops into my head is Baby, the stars shine bright! There are so many different designs from BTSSB, and they fit a variety of styles.

Here is my favorite dress from BTSSB in my wardrobe:


Photographer: Xin Lolita Photography

I love its simplicity and elegance. The embroidered polka dots are adorable, and the puffed sleeves are perfect. I love the flattering cut of the dress and the double ruffles at the hem. The bow details are lovely too!


Photographer: Xin Lolita Photography

Below, you’ll see my favorite BTSSB printed item in my wardrobe:


I just adore the little macarons and cute frosting details. This dress also has a very flattering cut! And, it’s easy to coordinate. I hope I can add more BTSSB items to my wardrobe…

Favorite Taobao Brand

My favorite Taobao brand is probably Chess Story. I only own one item from them, but it’s one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe. I will NEVER sell this dress (unless something terrible happens and I desperately need money). But I would never willingly sell this beautiful JSK.


The cut is flattering, the color combination is perfect, and the rose print is so crisp! The stripes are an amazing touch as well. This JSK is so wonderfully balanced and looks lovely for both casual wear and OTT coordinates.


I just love wearing this dress! I hope I can get another Chess Story dress at some point in the future…

Favorite Indie Brand

My favorite Indie brand is Lady Sloth! I only ever owned one item from this brand, but I absolutely loved that JSK! Sadly, I sold that JSK already (because I was trying to attain one of my dream dresses). However, if I have the chance, I would love to buy something from Lady Sloth! The designs are so beautiful and elegant. I especially love their gothic-style prints and their art prints!


The photo above depicts the lovely Lady Sloth JSK I once owned. It was made from a soft, comfy jersey-like material. It was stretchy and partially shirred, and the print was detailed and vibrant. I loved the lace on the hem too! I miss this JSK a lot… Maybe someday I can get a similar JSK from Lady Sloth!

How about you? Do you have favorite lolita fashion brands?


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