[LBC] 5 Surprise Finds That You Didn’t Realize You Would Enjoy So Much

This week’s prompt is “5 Surprise Finds That You Didn’t Realize You Would Enjoy So Much!”

I’m sure everyone has encountered surprise finds, whether it was an impulse buy, a gift from a friend, or something you saw and unexpectedly felt a pull toward it, even though you normally wouldn’t gravitate toward something like that.

AATP Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe JSK I

1) This JSK was truly a surprise for me, because I got it from a lucky pack and had no idea what I was going to get (other than it being from the Alice and the Pirates brand). The name of the JSK is Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe JSK I, in the blue colorway. I was hoping for something in red or bordeaux, so at first, I was disappointed when I saw the color. But I grew to love it’s unique print and beautiful design, and I’ve worn this dress often!

Red Mary Janes from Wolky

2) These Wolky red Mary Jane shoes were a surprise find in a small locally-owned shoe store near my college campus. They were on clearance sale, so I got a good deal on them, and at first, I wasn’t sure if they’d truly be comfortable since they have heels. But I’ve worn these walking, dancing, etc. and they’re really comfortable and well-made shoes! I love Lolita tea party shoes, but unfortunately, they’re not really made for walking and aren’t comfortable. As someone with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and flat feet, I also need arch supports. And these shoes have built-in arch supports! Even without my custom orthotics, they are comfortable. Sneakers are more comfortable though, but I rarely wear sneakers with Lolita fashion. I’ve worn these Wolky shoes with almost all of my red colorway coords.

Bodyline Black Wristcuffs

3) These black Bodyline wristcuffs were a surprise find, and honestly I wasn’t expecting much… but they’re so cute and I’ve worn them for so many coords! They’re really versatile and work well for both gothic and sweet (bittersweet) coordinates. They’ve also held up well; the elastic hasn’t become over-stretched.

Vintage Gloves (Photo by Ameily)

4) These vintage French crochet gloves were totally a surprise find from a Parisian flea market. They were damaged though and I’m scared to wear them much because they’re quite fragile. But I enjoy them so much, even if it’s just gazing at them. I store them in a clear ziploc bag, and they are stored in a container in a very visible place in my room, so even though I’ve had them for years, I still like to look at them. Occasionally, I’ll wear them out with coords!

F21 Goldtone Ring with Ivory Rose

5) This goldtone ring with an ivory rose was something I found years ago in Forever21. When I first got it, I wasn’t too into it, but as I built my Lolita fashion wardrobe, I found myself wearing it more and more often. It’s very easy to match with various colors, and it fits comfortably on my middle finger. It’s a versatile ring that will look great with non-Lolita coordinates too. And it’s sturdy! Many of my rings have broken if I drop them, or they get scratched and discolored, but this ring still loks practically new.

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3 thoughts on “[LBC] 5 Surprise Finds That You Didn’t Realize You Would Enjoy So Much

  1. I’m not sure if those are the exact same Bodyline wrist cuffs, but we had a meetup once where people literally fought themselves to get them! I was hosting a Winter ILD and we had a White Elephant Secret Santa gift exchange. One of the gifts turned out to be a pair of these black Bodyline wrist cuffs, which were unwrapped fairly early in the exchange. I think they swapped hands four, maybe even five times, there were so many people wanting these and saying how they need more accessories and these would be perfect for them. I can’t remember who got them in the end, this was good two and half years ago now, but I kind of wish I remembered because I’d love to check in with that person whether the wrist cuffs came in as handy as they expected them to be and whether they were worth stealing a gift off someone else for 😛

  2. Ah! We both have the same AATP Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe JSK too! I haven’t worn it yet because I got it in a swap (I traded for it with a witch bonnet order). I love the vintage vibe it gave off with the artwork and the dreamy colors. I got it in green, which I didn’t have a lot of that color until these past two years seemed to flood my wardrobe with, unexpectedly.

    Those red shoes are such a great find too. It’s a very lovely vibrant red and I’m happy that they have great arch support (there really isn’t enough of that in lolita shoes, I find.

    Those gloves are so lovely! I am a fiend for vintage and antique gloves and always love the knit ones because they are great for summer. I’ve had to repair quite a few of mine in the past, if we lived closer I would gladly do the same for you, it takes just a little time and effort to make sure the cables line up and don’t end with a knotted section at the binding. I’ll see if I can find you some tutorials, in case you want to try. These are certainly a lucky and elegant find, and at a Parisian flea market, no less! If, in the end, you feel you want to stop wearing them and still preserve them you can always suspend frame them in a shadowbox setup (though I know you will want to wear them for as long as you can.).

    Such lovely finds!

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